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The project will directly participate in the fight against climate change and the protection of biodiversity
This project aims at setting up an integrated and sustainable waste management for the whole city of Samarkand, the country’s leading economic city, in line with the city’s industrial and demographic development, from waste collection to recycling, particularly through the construction of a technical landfill center.

Samarkand hosts an estimated population of 600,000 inhabitants, which produces nearly 600 tons of waste per day. The municipality intends to carry on its recentyear efforts to modernize its equipment and to improve the waste management system. The municipality needs to install collection points to limit illegal dumping, build a landfill meeting international environmental standards and set up a sorting system to upcycle waste.


As part of the national waste management strategy adopted in 2019, this priority project aims at establishing an efficient integrated waste management system for the city of Samarkand, in line with international practices and standards.

This project will include components in the areas of:

  • collection (construction and renovation of collection points, technical assistance on the optimization of circuits, purchase of vehicles),
  • treatment (construction of a technical landfill center - bioreactor),
  • waste recovery (construction of a solid waste sorting center and biogas treatment facilities).

A strong emphasis will be put on local capacity building and raising awareness among the population.


The project will directly participate to the fight against climate change and to the protection of biodiversity. Thanks to the setting up of modern waste management measures and the construction of waste recovery infrastructures and of biogas treatment facilities, it will contribute to fight against water and soil pollution and it will have a positive impact on reducing atmospheric releases. It will also improve the living conditions of the population and its health situation by limiting illegal dumping and decreasing service discrepancies between city districts.

Thanks to the reinforcement of its waste management sector, the city of Samarkand will become a role model for other municipalities in Uzbekistan.

Project start date
Financing tool
23 500 000
Financing amount
Republic of Uzbekistan (Borrower)
State Unitary Enterprise Maroqand Obod (Final Beneficiary)

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