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While seeing a growing demand for electricity, Uzbekistan needs to develop the Uzbek hydropower sector in order to increase the installed capacity of power plants, while increasing the share of renewable energies in the Uzbek energy mix.

Uzbekistan is the second largest electricity producer in Central Asia, with an installed electrical capacity of 14,000MW in 2019, of which 12% is hydroelectricity. The development of clean and renewable energies is a priority incorporated into the country’s 2017-2021 development strategy and confirmed by the ratification of the Paris agreements in 2018. Uzbekistan aims at increasing the installed capacity of hydropower to 4GW by 2030, maintaining its share at 12% of installed capacity.

The country needs to anticipate the doubling of its demand by 2030 and to increase its production capacities. The Ferghana Valley, where three of the projects financed by AFD are located, is the region where these power interruptions are the most frequent due to a dilapidated distribution network.

The project will participate to the renovation of the country’s largest dam, Charvak, and will develop the production of run-of-river renewable energy, in order to highlight the various uses of water resources, increase the production of hydroelectricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The project contains components for rehabilitation, capacity increase and plant construction:

  • securing and optimising the Charvak hydroelectric dam;
  • increasing the capacity of the JFK-1 hydroelectric power plant Increasing the capacity of the JFK-2 hydroelectric power plant;
  • building the Paytok hydroelectric power station.

The projects are located on the Charvak waterfall (province of Tashkent) and in the Ferghana valley (province of Andijan).


The project will contribute to:

  • securing the country’s electricity supply and supporting the sustainable growth in electricity production;
  • meeting the growing demand for electricity among the population and for improving their living conditions, particularly in the Andijan region;
  • reducing the North/South disequilibrium in energy production;
  • improving the security of the populations living near the Charvak dam.

The assistance to the contracting authority and the technical assistance will strengthen UzbekGidroEnergo capacities to develop new projects for the rehabilitation and construction of hydroelectric power plants.

Project start date
5 years
Duration of funding
Cascade de Charvak (province de Tachkent) - Vallée de Ferghana (province d’Andijan)
Financing tool
55 800 000
Financing amount
Republic of Uzbekistan
Unitary State Enterprise UzbekGidroEnergo

The content of this project information sheet falls under the sole responsibility of the AFD and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the European Union.