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Renforcer la protection civile et les capacités de secours de la Jordanie
As many public services, the services of the Jordanian General Directorate of Civil Defense (GDCD) face significant additional pressure and demands, in particular due to the long-term presence of Syrian refugees in the Kingdom. AFD’s support to Jordan Civil Defense aims to improve risk awareness and provide it with operational means of response.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is prone to multiple natural risks and man-made hazards. The vulnerability of its population and its territory is exacerbated by rapid and unplanned urbanization and the increasing occurrence of disasters related to climate change.

To deal with this, the Jordanian authorities have undertaken to reinforce the operational means and coverage of the territory by the civil protection services delivered by GDCD, whose mandate covers not only the preparation and interventions for natural and man-made risks, but also “daily” relief operations for populations (accidents, fires, etc.).


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improving the quality of the public service delivered by GDCD for the population (hosts and refugees) in Mafraq Governorate. The project has two specific objectives:

  • build the risk prevention and preparation capacities;
  • improve the quality of the services delivered at local level and align the operational capacities with the risks in Mafraq Governorate.

With the support of Expertise France who will provide technical experts, the project will build institutional capacity for risk management through work on assessing risks, especially climate risks (flash floods, increase in heatwaves, etc.), the contingency plans in response to these risks and the training  capacities of GDCD itself. Furthermore, the regional operational capacities of GDCD will be improved thanks to financing for vehicles and equipment, which will provide additional capacities or replace an ageing and sometimes inadequate fleet.


The project will contribute to improving the quality of the public service delivered to populations – including the refugee population from Syria, and will contribute to restore the social contract between the State and the different communities, host and refugees. In addition to an increased capacity to respond to the needs of “daily” interventions, the project will improve knowledge of the risks and the preparation of the response to crises and disasters.

Project start date
3 years
Duration of funding
Mafraq Governorate
Financing tool
5 000 000
Financing amount
General Directorate of Civil Defense