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hospital, beira, mozambique
This project aims at improving access to quality health care, especially for the most vulnerable people, through the construction of two hospitals, acquisition of equipment and support in managing the two structures.

There is no intermediate infrastructure between urban health centres and the Beira Central Hospital in the Sofala Province, central Mozambique. The lack of intermediate hospital leads to an overload on the central hospital, with first and second level patients, thereby preventing the service provider to focus on tertiary healthcare. The 5% increase in the number of primary health centres since 2009, as well as the implementation of extended services in some, only increased the need for intermediate referral hospitals in the province.


The Beira General Hospital will serve the Beira, Dondo and Muanza districts, representing a population of 640,000 inhabitants (an estimated 740,000 inhabitants by 2024). It will serve as first referral for the healthcare centres of these districts, and will provide a screening service for the central hospital.

The Marromeu rural hospital will serve the Marromeu district and a population base of about 140,000 people (about 230,000 by 2024). It will replace the obsolete existing infrastructure. The hospital will include a primary healthcare unit for the city of Marromeu, which currently does not have an urban medical centre.

The programme will acquire the equipment required to operate the two hospitals and ensure its maintenance over a three-year period. It will support the establishment of a hospital management system in terms of human resources, healthcare and referral system operation quality.

  • Better access to healthcare for the poor people of Beira, Marromeu and surrounding districts (780,000 people at present and 970,000 people by 2024);
  • Availability of quality equipment over time, increase in diagnostic capability, improvement of management and maintenance;
  • Improved human resources (capacities, efficiency);
  • Improvement of health services delivery;
  • Improved training capacities;
  • Improvement of the referral system.
Project start date
Project end date
60 months
Duration of funding
Beira et Marromeu
12 000 000
Financing amount
République du Mozambique