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maputo, airport
Maputo’s International Airport is critical for the country's economic development. The project aims at improving the airport's management standards.

Air traffic has experienced a steady increase in Mozambique: from 2004 to 2011, the number of passengers increased by 60%. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years due to the country's growth prospects.

Maputo’s Airport is by far the largest in Mozambique: it attracts 50% and 65% of total freight and passenger traffic (domestic, regional, international) respectively. Studies conducted prior to the start of the project showed that the state of roadways and lighting equipment are indeed a safety issue. None of the roadways comply with the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and require upgrades.


The project aims at restoring safety conditions that comply with international standards, and upgrading the airport. After the recent commissioning of the new international and domestic terminals, this project will complete the upgrade of the country's main airport, critical to support economic development. The works will include complete renewal of runways, taxiways, aprons and the lighting system. In addition, training and strategic planning sessions shall contribute to improve airport management and operation standards, especially in terms of maintenance.

  • Ensure the safety of air transport operation in Maputo;
  • Limited social and environmental impacts, and no impacts in terms of expropriation or population removal, since the project is implemented within the airport's existing boundaries;
  • Direct contribution to ADM capacity-building in terms of project preparation and management.
Project start date
Project end date
34 months
Duration of funding
44 000 000
USD soit
35 000 000
Financing amount