As a labor and development economist, Cecilia Poggi coordinates research programs related to social protection, the world of work, and social inclusion.

Her current projects deal with the analysis of social protection programs in AFD partner countries, the study of vulnerabilities to which workers are exposed, and the reinforcement of regulations to promote decent employment. Cecilia also studies the role of informal work, digital platforms for workers in emerging and developing countries, and gender inequality.

Cecilia is fascinated by micro-econometrics, the statistical study of microeconomic data, and the design and assessment of public policy. She earned a PhD in Economics and Master of Science (MSc) in Economic Development from the University of Sussex (UK). Before joining AFD in 2018, Cecilia Poggi worked as a consultant for research institutes, the World Bank, and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (including issues related to work, migration, poverty, and data collection tools for households and companies).

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