Claire Zanuso, AFD


Research and Evaluation Officer
Development economics, labor markets, impact assessment, impact of natural disasters, statistical data analysis


Claire Zanuso is in charge of assessing the impact of projects funded by AFD, with a particular focus on urban development and labor market issues.

As a development economist, she is in charge of research and evaluation. As such, she oversees scientific impact assessments of urban development projects supported by AFD. These assessments are designed to assess residents’ quality of life following an urban rehabilitation program in poor neighborhoods for example, or to measure the health impact of a drinking water supply system in neighborhoods that did not previously have one. Claire Zanuso also conducts research projects on questions of decent employment, particularly in Haiti and Côte d'Ivoire.

Claire Zanuso had begun work on these topics before joining AFD in 2016. She coordinated a research project for the IRD (French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development) on the impact of the 2010 Haiti earthquake on Haitians, their resilience strategies and the labor market. 

She has also participated in a number of labor market research projects in developing countries for various research institutes, national statistical institutes and international organizations (World Bank, UK Department for International Development, International Labor Office).

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