As a development Economist, Hélène Ehrhart contributes to the macro-economic analysis of countries where AFD operates and conducts research into public finance.

Her research focuses on the quality of public expenditure, links between taxation and inequality, and the redistributive impacts of budgetary policies in Kenya and Morocco, in the framework of AFD-European Union research

Hélène Ehrhart earned a PhD in Economic Science from the University of Auvergne (CERDI), where she developed an interest in public finance issues. For her thesis, she studied the mobilization of tax revenues in developing countries. Her research focused on the impact of political economy factors in tax mobilization and on the macroeconomic consequences of different tax structures.

Before joining AFD in 2014, Hélène worked for three years as an economist for the Franc Zone and Development Finance Department at the Banque de France. She participates in the macroeconomic monitoring of Franc Zone countries and leads research on development finance.

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