Julie Bompas is a research officer and a PhD student at AFD and the CERDI laboratory. Her current research focuses on scientific dialogue on climate, through the prism of climate services and local knowledge.

Currently a PhD student in economics at AFD and the Centre d'études et de recherches en développement international (CERDI), Julie Bompas also graduated from AgroParisTech with a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Strategies for the Environment (PPSE). She is interested in climate change adaptation in developing countries, particularly climate services. Her thesis in microeconomics focuses on services for farmers in the North of Côte d'Ivoire. Julie Bompas studies the integration of local knowledge within climate services, the preferences of populations – especially the most vulnerable – for these services, their impacts, and the uncertainty associated with weather forecasting for farmers' policy choices.

Previously, Julie Bompas was involved in the monitoring of international projects regarding natural resources management (water, soil, pastoral resources, land security) as well as local governance of adaptation. She also have been country risk analyst at the Regional Economic Service of the French Embassy in Côte d'Ivoire for two years, where she worked in particular on the Sahelian context.

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