Our Key Events

Exhibitions, conferences, discussions, festivals… AFD partners many events to raise awareness about development and to share its commitment with as many citizens as possible, all over France.
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Raising awareness, exhibition nés quelque part
One aspect of AFD’s mission is to reach out to the French. That’s why we organize public events and participate in the initiatives of our partners.
Here are several examples of our awareness-raising projects:

The immersive performance “nés quelque part”

Nés quelque part, Strasbourg 2018

Co-created by AFD and the association Ars Anima, “Nés quelque part” (“Born Somewhere Else”) proposes its visitors a unique adventure combining theater and role-playing that helps them understand climate and sustainable-development issues around the world. Upon entering the performance space, the visitors give up their identity for an hour and a half, stepping into the shoes of Nana, Bilikiss, Sarong, or one of the 21 characters proposed by the performance.

The stories of these women and men are fictional but always based on facts, situations, and real projects in Asia, Africa, South America, and Overseas France. They deal with many themes: work, health, access to water, energy, environmental preservation, and others. Visitors experience and in that way understand the impact of climate change, and they experiment solutions and development projects that will enable them to improve their situation.

Find out more on the performance’s website.


stand AFD Solidays 2018

Each year, AFD is present at the “Solidarity Village” at the Solidays Festival, which is organized by the Solidarité Sida association. The festival brings together committed artists, key figures in society, political decision-makers, non-profit organizations, and others.

Its objective is not only to inform the young generation about the risks of AIDS and to establish innovative methods of prevention, without it being a taboo subject, but also to raise awareness about solidarity in general. Since 2016, AFD has operated a stand at the festival, where it proposes activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Discover the Solidays Festival

Angouleme international comics festival

lecture, BD , Coloc of Duty, Solidays 2018

Since 2018, AFD has been a partner of the Angoulême International Comics Festival. Together, AFD and the Festival approached French author and historian “Jul” (author of the French comic books Silex and the City, La Planète des Sages, 50 nuances de Grecs, and others) to take on and give substance to the too-often abstract notions of “citizen of the world” and “world in common” via his drawings. Thus was born Coloc of Duty, a comic book to make the young generation think about the meaning and individual dimension of our collective responsibility.

With its comic-strip form and off-beat humor, Coloc of Duty reminds the reader that we are all citizens of the world, sharing the same planet. In it, we find three young people “just like others,” who share an apartment and meet their new co-tenant Edmund, a strange embodiment of that fragile world so little known yet shared in common. This is how Jul covers the critical issues of inequalities, climate change, gender, and commitment.

With Coloc of Duty, Jul, the Angoulême Comics Festival, and AFD hope to offer all the comics festival goers and comics lovers what they often appreciate about that medium: an opportunity to combine pleasure, laughter, and reflection.

Other events

Solidays 2017

AFD organizes other events at which artists, entrepreneurs, university and high school students, teachers, philosophers, and people working in the association sector come together for conferences, performances, interviews, and discussions—either on stage or via more informal gatherings—to rethink together the world that we want, and to imagine, each in their own way, how to become involved to build a better tomorrow.

Solidarity, commitment, climate change, sustainable development... These are all subjects worthy of reflection together. And what power do we have, at our level, faced with the world’s challenges? Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about upcoming events. Examples of past events include: