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Agence Française de Développement (AFD) finances, supports and accelerates the transition to a fairer and more sustainable world.
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Peace, climate change, health, education: Our teams are involved in more than 4,000 projects, which are having a major impact in 115 countries and French overseas departments. We contribute to the commitment of France and the French people to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) across the developing world.


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Agence Française de Développement (AFD) Group is a public institution that contributes to the implementation of France’s policy in the areas of development and international solidarity. 

AFD Group comprises AFD and its subsidiary Proparco, which is dedicated to financing actors in the private sector, as well as the interministerial agency responsible for technical cooperation, Expertise France, which joined the Group on January 1, 2022.

Development is one of France's three pillars for its external activities, along with diplomacy and defense. Our mission is to contribute to the economic, social, and environmental progress of low and middle-income countries. 

In practical terms, this mission takes the form of loans, grants, expertise or technical assistance. These forms of assistance are granted to States, local authorities, companies, foundations and NGOs, and allow communities to carry out projects in a vast variety of fields, including climate, biodiversity, energy, education and urban planning, health, digital technology, sport, and training. 

Thanks to its network of 85 agencies throughout the world, AFD Group finances and monitors more than 4,000 development projects and programs. 

In 2020, the Group’s commitments amounted to €12.1 billion for 996 new development projects, across all sectors.


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AFD works to meet the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDG) established in 2015, as well as the Paris Agreement on climate

We believe that all countries must frame and implement public policies that help preserve the climate and ecosystems as well as improve social cohesion and economic prosperity. All countries should be transitioning to a world characterized by small ecological footprints and a higher standing on the Human Development Index

To successfully make this transition, we must respect the uniqueness of each country, prioritize collective action, and build partnerships to find solutions that benefit everyone.

Public investment is key to implementing these solutions, to initiate projects in neglected or low-profit sectors, and to provide a boost to activities in the business and social sectors. 

This investment is truly a driving force that multiplies the effects of our efforts.


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Through the Interministerial Committee for International Cooperation and Development (CICID), the French government defines the main development and international solidarity policies which are in turn implemented by AFD. The CICID has prioritized the following: international stability, climate, education, gender equality and health

In order to support these priorities, the French government agreed in 2017 to increase funds so that 0.55% of the Gross National Income is dedicated to Official Development Assistance (ODA) by 2022, its highest level since 1995.

AFD Group has defined foundational commitments aimed at meeting these ambitions: 100% Paris Agreement and 100% social link. We are convinced that these two major commitments, tied to preserving the climate and well-being among populations, are closely related. Together, they form the foundations of our mission.


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AFD supports projects in 115 countries and in French overseas departments. The territories, countries and regions submit specific requests to AFD Group, and we respond with appropriate solutions and means.

In 2020, the African continent concentrated nearly half of the Group's financing (46%, or 4.9 billion euros) and the vast majority (73%) of the financial effort (grants and loan subsidies ).


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AFD’s work is not limited to funding — it also includes knowledge generation, training, assessment, and raising awareness. AFD leads a wide range of complementary efforts to support social, energy, ecological, digital, citizen and economic transitions.

AFD Group is designed to be a platform that gathers all those who can provide resources, expertise, and capacity for action—companies, local authorities and NGOs, and other donors—and then offers these resources to developing and emerging countries.

Being a platform means remaining open and ready to listen and being a source of innovation and solutions to serve the needs of populations and other stakeholders. AFD is responsible for this role combining international outreach and the mobilization of French and European stakeholders.

We want the solutions we offer to be shared and jointly developed with project leaders and populations. We strive to create exchanges of skills and experiences with those benefiting from funding and work to generate and cultivate dynamics that serve our common interests.