Forests and Biodiversity

To reduce the degradation of ecosystems and biodiversity, AFD assists its partners in the fight against deforestation and desertification, which have negative impacts on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people.
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India Western Ghats landscape biodiversity
India Western Ghats landscape biodiversity

Protecting and sustainably managing ecosystems

L'Arc d'Emeraude, 3 aires protégées en périphérie de Libreville, est surveillée par un éco-guarde


AFD supports actions focusing on managing protected natural areas, sustainably exploiting ecosystems (forests, fishing, agriculture, hunting), promoting products and services resulting from this use (wood, medicinal and aromatic plants, ecotourism...), and improving the standard of living of people living in these areas. 

Mainstreaming biodiversity into development policies

In Mexico, plants grow again after deforestation


Promoting the integration of ecosystem conservation in all funded projects by supporting, for example, responsible sectors which develop biodiversity to turn it into an asset for economic and social development.

Strengthening partnerships

Cambodia, biodiversity


It involves allowing AFD’s partners to benefit from French expertise in biodiversity developed by public entities, regional and local authorities, private companies and civil society actors, or promoting joint actions with international nature conservation organizations.

million hectares benefited from programs for the conservation, restoration or sustainable management of biodiversity in 2016

9.8 million hectares of forests disappear every year around the world. The increasing pressure on nature affects the daily lives of 3 billion people who earn a substantial part of their incomes from the daily use of natural resources.

In 2016, AFD committed EUR 337m to biodiversity, thereby exceeding the annual objective of EUR 160m set by its strategy in 2013. The Latin America and Caribbean region benefited from 33% of this financing, followed by Asia-Pacific (26%) and Sub-Saharan Africa (23%).

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Evaluation document

Ex Post Written and Audiovisual Evaluation of the Limpopo National Park Development Project

The Limpopo National Park (LNP) is one of the largest parks in Mozambique. It covers 11,230 km 2 (an area the size of Ile-de-France) and is part of a larger transfrontier park ...
Sep 2016
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Agroecology: Evaluation of 15 Years of AFD Support

This document is a summary of the final report on the external evaluation of 15 years of support actions by Agence Française de Développement and the French Facility for ...
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The forest sector in countries of the Congo Basin: 20 years of AFD Intervention

The concept of sustainable forest management emerged at the Earth Summit held in Rio in 1992. It entails the conservation and enhancement, for the welfare of present and future generations, of ...
May 2012
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Exploring Environmental Complementarity between Types of Protected Areas in Kenya

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has clearly demonstrated that all the Earth‘s ecosystems have now been dramatically transformed through human actions. The resulting biodiversity loss is undermining the provision of ...
Apr 2014
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Cocoa farmers’ agricultural practices and livelihoods in Côte d’Ivoire

Cocoa production in Côte d‘Ivoire has more than doubled over the last four decades, from 565 thousand tons in 1984 to approximatively 1.5 million tons in recent years. This increase has ...
Dec 2016
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Atolls and climate change: Strengthening resilience

At just a few meters above the waves, the atolls or low-lying coral islands surrounding a lagoon are one of the areas the most exposed to the many consequences of ...
Nov 2016
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Toward an Analytical Framework for the Governance of Natural Resources: The Case of Groundwater

The issue of groundwater management challenges the paradigm along which the concept of good governance has developed since the 1990s. We show that in contexts involving multiple power structures, the ...
May 2016
Institutional document

Southern Africa: Biodiversity

Southern Africa has a rich natural heritage of global significance to the world’s climate and biological diversity. Unfortunately, the capacity of nature to maintain this biological wealth is rapidly ...
Sep 2018

Laos: Managing our bamboo forest for a better life

Houaphan is a mountainous province in northern Laos forested with a high diversity of bamboo species and non-timber forest products. These resources, if well managed and used, have a strong ...
Aug 2018

Khampheng and the custodians of a natural treasure in Laos

Kampheng Pahtvisay takes us to the heart of the national protected area of Nam Et-Phou Louey in northern Laos. This area – an exceptional reservoir of biodiversity – is the setting for ...
May 2018

Mekong: the challenges of common management

The Mekong River is a common good and its fairly-shared management can be a source of peace and development. This delta is one the biggest water reservoirs in the world ...
Mar 2018

An oasis in the desert

Marsabit forest, a natural space surrounded by desert, covers an area of over 16,000 hectares. This region in the North of Kenya hosts a core resource for neighboring communities and significant ...
Mar 2018