Because our world is changing

Raising awareness about solidarity

AFD commits itself daily, on behalf of French citizens, to the building of a fairer, more sustainable, and safer world. We have a lot to share and offer, but also a lot to learn and receive.
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Raising awareness, exhibition nés quelque part
Globalization has led the destinies of nations to be more interconnected than ever. Indeed, what happens “over there” has an impact here. Challenges and problems have become ones that are shared. And the same is true of the solutions, which can emerge from each country.
In this interconnected world, development is really something that unites us. At AFD, our mission is to help better understand what is at stake with development.


Nés quelque part, the exhibition

Have you already asked yourself what it’s like to have been born in the Medellin barrio, to be a woman in Nigeria, or to see your island threatened by rising sea levels…?

Nés quelque part


For 1 hour and 25 minutes, a performance called “Nés quelque part” (“Born Somewhere Else”) has you be Manolo, Mehiata, Nalin, or another one of the 21 characters in the show. In Cambodia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Morocco, Columbia, Nigeria, or Polynesia, you will live out their daily life, their questions, and their solutions. In direct contact with actors, on stage sets more real than life, you will experience an extraordinary sensorial voyage.

Nés quelque part was written and co-created by AFD and Ars Anima.

To propose realistic worlds, the scriptwriters from Ars Anima worked with more than 100 geographical and technical experts from AFD.

The stories and characters from Nés quelque part are fictional but always based on real facts, situations, and projects.


It’s by knowing the planet better that we can make it happy and preserve it.

In the Nés quelque part videogame, your mission will be to make the planet happy. The more clues and correct responses to the quizzes you find, the more you will activate the happiness meter!

It’s your turn to play!


Paris international agricultural show, AFD & Cirad stand

AFD seeks to share its commitment with citizens. To get closer, on a daily basis, to those on whose behalf we work, we create partnerships and organize events open to the public.

AFD at the Solidays festival, 2017


Each year, AFD is present at the “Solidarity Village” at the Solidays Festival, which is organized by the Solidarité Sida association. The festival brings together committed artists, key figures in society, political decision-makers, and non-profit associations, etc.

Its objective: to inform the young generations about the risks of AIDS and establish innovative methods of prevention, without it being a taboo subject to talk about. AFD has a stand at the festival where it proposes activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and answers questions asked by the festival goers.

Étonnants Voyageurs Festival, Saint-Malo, 2017, dervis


“Étonnants Voyageurs” is an international book and film festival. AFD has been a partner for the last five years, in order to pay homage to and support writers who embrace the world and reject borders.

Through the Littérature-monde (World Literature) prize, we seek to promote authors who, through the prism of fiction, foster understanding of the economic, social, and cultural reality of all the continents, far from fixed notions and divisions.


AFD is present each year at the Paris International Agricultural Show. In partnership with CIRAD, it organizes roundtables, exhibitions, and sampling at its stand. It’s a space for exchanges and meetings between the general public and experts.

Our objective? To make known the crucial role of agriculture in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, throughout the world.

Convergences World Forum, 2017 edition


AFD is a major partner of the Convergences World Forum, which is held in Paris each September. For three days, thousands of representatives of civil society, local authorities, professionals from the private sector, development experts, and social entrepreneurs come together for exchanges and discussion on the major challenges of development.

The objective: to build a world without exclusion, without carbon, and without poverty.


  • The Institut de l’Engagement is an organization that identifies and supports young people having shown remarkable qualities during a mission of general public interest (within the framework of the French Civic Service) but who do not possess the diplomas, financial resources, or professional network enabling them to successfully carry out a project that matches their potential. AFD has been a partner of the institute since 2016. We participate in its seminars, and our collaborators sponsor winners interested by development issues.
  • Civil society organizations and multi-stakeholder regional networks. Above and beyond the programs we finance, we work hand-in-hand with the major stakeholders of civil society that take action in education on citizenship and international solidarity. We organize joint awareness-raising actions, editorial collaborations, and regular dialogue to keep discussions going.
  • The French national education system and the Canopé network for pedagogical creation and support.


AFD at the 2017 edition of Solidays

AFD works for French citizens, not only on their behalf but also directly for them, to enable France to play its role in building a better world, for the benefit of all.

One of our missions is to make our fellow citizens aware of the issues of development and international solidarity, and show that we have not only a lot to share but also a lot to learn.

At this time when the United States is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, France has reasserted strong leadership in sustainable development, as much in its action on French territory as in its solidarity with and support for the world. This commitment to the future and to future generations reminds us how important it is to involve citizens and especially young people, who will be those the most concerned by the decisions that are made now. That’s why, on November 30, 2016, the Interministerial Committee on International Cooperation and Development mandated AFD to “promote, both in France and abroad, knowledge among citizens of the Sustainable Development Goals as well as of development education and international solidarity.”

Involving citizens and helping them to understand and take action: that’s what motivates us. We’ve been carrying out this mission, which has been confirmed by the government, for several years, and we want to develop it even further in the coming years through two major pillars:

  • local presence, by strengthening our actions and our partnerships so that we are as close to people as possible, here and over there, and to make development issues be lived out on a daily basis;
  • pedagogy, by developing tools that are accessible to all and that can better explain and better communicate everything that makes our action meaningful.


Solidays Festival, raising awareness

Whether you are education players, adults or young citizens committed to a more just and more sustainable world, a world in common, AFD provides you with tools to train you, assist you with your awareness-raising actions, arouse curiosity and make people feel like taking action. Understand international solidarity issues, learn all about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or have an immersive experience: this is the purpose of these free and open toolkits available to you.

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