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Based in Istanbul, the Eurasia regional office covers 13 countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

AFD Group has identified four key areas of intervention to tackle the main issues in the region, in line with local counterparts’ needs, and with AFD Group’s mandate. AFD Group cares about maximizing climate co-benefits and reducing social and gender inequalities, acting whenever possible on the nexus between these two interlinked issues.

Urban resilience and adaptation

AFD Group supports regional planning and encourages the development of urban infrastructure to ensure a sustainable management of cities and better resilience against climate change

Integrated and sustainable territorial management and preservation of natural resources 

Preserving forests, water, soils, watersheds, seas and shores, while ensuring their sustainable management, is among AFD Group’s priorities in Eurasia. Improved territorial management entails the involvement of all stakeholders: AFD Group therefore also strongly supports the development of sustainable agriculture and food systems. 

Supporting the Energy Transition 

AFD Group promotes the energy transition of Eurasian countries: diversifying their energy mix away from fossil fuel and towards greener energy sources, enhancing energy efficiency. AFD Group will also contribute to building and strengthening legal frameworks for the energy sector, supporting the emergence of a favorable environment for the energy transition

Sustainable and inclusive economic and policy models 

Public policy reforms will be encouraged to support economic, political and social transitions, enabling countries to converge with European Union standards and practices. Priority will be given to reducing social inequalities, enhancing social protection systems, healthcare, gender equality and integration of the most vulnerable population. 

A field-based partnership approach

AFD Group, leveraging on its local agencies, its subsidiaries dedicated to private sector financing (Proparco) and technical cooperation (Expertise France), offers tailor-made financial solutions, supported by technical-support instruments enhancing partnerships and French know-how. 

Loans are the main financial instruments mobilized by AFD Group, often complemented by grants funding studies, capacity building and technical and implementation assistance.

AFD Group will continue to create long-term partnerships, including through co-financing projects with other international financial institutions (IFIs). AFD Group also intends to promote regional initiatives and structures, in an effort to support common management of resources and infrastructures across borders




billion committed between 2016 and 2019 (including 756 million euros by Proparco)
local agencies and 8 sites (Tbilisi and Yerevan for the South-Caucasus, Belgrade and Tirana for the Western Balkans, Chisinau for Moldova, Istanbul and Ankara for Turkey, Tashkent for Central Asia)
of commitments with a climate co-benefit between 2016 and 2020


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Strategy Documents

AFD and Climate in Eurasia

AFD and climate in Eurasia
Mar 2023
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