Research: Discussing and Advising

Cities, natural resources, social cohesion, climate, evaluation of public policies… AFD researchers and economists are at the leading edge in analyzing and understanding events and issues related to many subjects. Their objective? To discuss, share, and answer concrete questions asked by stakeholders on the ground, as well as to put forward new ideas in ongoing international discussions. That’s because introducing new elements and providing better understanding are ways of acting more effectively.
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Understanding Research at AFD

Understanding Research at AFD

Fighting global warming, preserving biodiversity, maintaining social link… AFD conducts studies, research, and evaluations on these and many other topics. This work is essential if we want to analyze the many challenges facing our planet, because anticipating and better understanding problems leads to more effective action.

Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs , Senegal



Is the Sri Lankan growth model vulnerable? What’s at stake for Vietnam after having opened up its economy so much? How are the emerging countries integrating into financial globalization? By delving into this type of question, the AFD’s Economic Assessment and Public Policy Department helps to develop and monitor development assistance programs.

COP21 Le Bourget

GEMMES: A modelling new tool

That incorporates the energy transition

AFD is developing a new tool to make macroeconomic models, called GEMMES. What’s special about it? In its scenarios, it can incorporate financial and monetary risks and their interaction with the impact of ecological disturbances. Special attention is paid to the consequences of global warming and to the increased scarcity of extractive natural resources in particular. GEMMES is thus an especially suitable tool for the political decision-making made necessary by the Paris Agreement (COP 21).

Ultrasound scan, Ryad health center, Mauritania


Evaluation is a meaningful exercise. It firstly meets the objective of transparency and accountability, but also and especially aims to improve our action thanks to the lessons learned from experience. Evaluation thereby contributes to feeding into the state of knowledge on development by establishing a link between research and the field.

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Research publications

Discover all of AFD’s research and evaluation publications: our studies, our ex-post evaluations, our research papers, our macroeconomic analyses, etc. More than 700 publications can be found in a dedicated website section with many filters available.