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Evaluation Summary - Rural roads improvement project in Central Kenya

The Rural roads improvement project in Central Kenya was subject to an evaluation in November 2016, for the “Road transport” sector.

The project was formulated under Kenya’s Roads 2000 Road Maintenance Strategy for improving rural access roads through labor-based methods. It aimed at bringing these roads to a maintainable standard and to place them under effective maintenance.

The project overall met its objectives and scored well in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact. The interventions had high impacts on the beneficiaries, such as lowered transportation costs, economic development or enhanced access to basic services. The evaluation however noted major concerns as regards sustainability. The use of unscreened quarry waste for gravel road constructions and poor maintenance are causes for concern. Should another phase of the project be initiated in the future, it is recommended a pre-feasibility study be conducted to better locate and identify needs and demands.

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author(s) :
J. Hin, Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)
A. Bradbury, Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)
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