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Solidarity Awareness-Raising

Epidemics, conflicts, pollution, and global warming ignore borders. And that’s even more true today, in an interconnected world where everything that happens on the other side of the planet has an impact on our lives here. We face the same shared destiny, so it’s in everyone’s interest that the world be more in peace, that inequalities decrease, and that nature be preserved.

At AFD, our mission is to make these interconnections better understood. In France, we help educate citizens about the issues of sustainable development and international solidarity. For example, we offer tools for training and support in awareness-raising actions and for stirring up curiosity and desire to take action.
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AFD's mission to raise awareness

Our mission to raise awareness

Raising awareness and educating young people about social issues and international solidarity is a major challenge, particularly given the serious global challenges they face.

To play its part, AFD has developed the Tilt website, which is aimed at 15-25 year olds, as well as a range of educational tools for students and teachers focusing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also participate in events and strengthen our partnerships with associations, organizations, and educational institutions.

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Our educational tools

AFD makes tools available, to educate the French public, support awareness-raising actions, and stir up their curiosity and desire to take action. These tools are intended both for people working in education and for citizens committed to a fairer and more sustainable world—a world in common.

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