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Solidarity Awareness-Raising

Epidemics, conflicts, pollution, and global warming ignore borders. And that’s even more true today, in an interconnected world where everything that happens on the other side of the planet has an impact on our lives here. We face the same shared destiny, so it’s in everyone’s interest that the world be more in peace, that inequalities decrease, and that nature be preserved.

At AFD, our mission is to make these interconnections better understood. In France, we help educate citizens about the issues of sustainable development and international solidarity. For example, we offer tools for training and support in awareness-raising actions and for stirring up curiosity and desire to take action.
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How AFD works to raise awareness

AFD works for the French—that’s to say both on their behalf and for them—to help France play its role in building a better world that will benefit everyone. This commitment for the future reminds us of the importance of involving citizens, and especially youth, who will be the foremost concerned by the decisions made now.

On November 30, 2016, the French Interministerial Committee for International Cooperation (CICID) gave AFD the task of “promoting, in France and abroad, citizen knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as education about development and international solidarity.” At AFD, we want to develop this mission by working more with partners who share our values. For example:

  • We support the initiatives of associations and communities. These include civil society organizations (CSOs), local and regional authorities, and multi-stakeholder regional networks.
  • We participate in events organized by partners and co-develop conferences, workshops, forums, and debates.
  • We develop French-language tools to better explain and understand the challenges of sustainable development and to communicate the full meaning of our action.
  • We work in strengthening our partnerships with the non-for-profit, institutional, and education world (the French national educational system and local players).
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Our key events

One aspect of AFD’s mission is to reach out to the French by organizing public events and participating in the initiatives of our partners. 

Exhibitions, conferences, discussions, festivals... AFD partners many events to share its commitment with as many citizens as possible, all over France.


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Our educational tools

AFD makes tools available, to educate the French public, support awareness-raising actions, and stir up their curiosity and desire to take action. These tools are intended both for people working in education and for citizens committed to a fairer and more sustainable world—a world in common.

Downloadable documents:

Education for Citizenship and International Solidarity

Our support to French civil society organizations

Education for Citizenship and International Solidarity (ECIS) is a kind of non-conventional education that raises awareness of development issues and plays a crucial role in advancing toward the Sustainable Development Goals. ECIS promotes the commitment of all citizens to a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable world.

Since 2009, AFD has been supporting the ECIS initiatives alongside French civil society organizations.

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