You are a citizen

At AFD, we are building a more just world with all development actors. The success of our mission also relies on the involvement of as many citizens as possible.
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Woman, shop, Medellín, Colombia
At this time of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), being a committed citizen first means understanding development issues, both over here and over there. As what happens over there has an impact on us over here. We now share common issues. The solutions are the same too.
Every day, AFD works on behalf of the French on projects that make real improvements to the daily lives of people, in developing and emerging countries, and in the French overseas territories. In France, we also organize awareness-raising actions and provide tools to help our fellow citizens take action for a more just world.


Children, urban landscape, Medellín, Colombia

Development assistance – often called Official Development Assistance (ODA) – involves grants and low-interest loans to finance programs to improve access to drinking water, healthcare, electricity, education, decent housing or a preserved environment… This aid makes it possible to develop both long-term projects and provide humanitarian aid in emergency situations. It can concern small-scale local projects or very broad policies at country level.

It is implemented by local actors: ministries, local authorities, banks, professional organizations, NGOs and companies. But the aim is always to benefit populations.



Zagtouli, Burkina Faso's photovoltaic power plant
Craft, sculptor, Fatu Hiva, Polynesia

An inclusive public bank

AFD is an inclusive public bank and the central actor in France’s development policy. We operate in a large number of sectors – climate, energy, health, biodiversity, water, digital technologies, training –, to support the transition towards a more secure, more just and more sustainable world, a world in common. Our action is fully in line with the SDGs.

We operate in 108 countries via a network of 85 agencies. We are currently financing and supervising over 2,500 development projects. In 2016, AFD committed over EUR 9bn.

Our method is first and foremost partnership-based. We are responsive to the needs of communities and actors in the field, so that we can build together solutions that benefit all. Everyone has a role to play in achieving the SDGs: other development banks, local authorities, NGOs, companies, foundations, think tanks, researchers and citizens….


Our awareness-raising actions

AFD at the 2017 edition of Solidays

At AFD we wish to share our commitment with citizens and raise their awareness of development issues. 

On a daily basis, to be as close as possible to those on whose behalf we work, we build partnerships and organize events open to the public (exhibitions, festivals, forums, educational support…).


Our tools

Children quickly adopted Kingo, Guatemala

To give a better understanding of development issues, we make all our data and publications available to the general public, as well as a wide range of information media (videos, conferences, social networks...).