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Centre de soudure et de construction métallique, région de Médenine, Tunisie
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  • Climate
  • Education
  • Employment and Shared Prosperity
  • Energy
  • Global Partnerships
  • Hunger and Food Security
  • Infrastructures
  • Oceans
  • Poverty
  • Sustainable Cities

Funding type

  • Grant
  • Loan
  • Non Sovereign Concessional Loan
  • Non Sovereign Non Concessional Loan
  • Sovereign Concessional Loan


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Research document

Migration patterns and labor market outcomes in Tunisia

This article focuses on the external effects of emigration on non-migrants and particularly on the interactions with labor market outcomes in Tunisia before and after the revolution. Using the new ...
Feb 2017
Research document

When Can Work Performed by Women Become a Factor in Their Empowerment? - Women‘s access to quality employment in Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey

The employment of women in Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey is not necessarily equated with financial, social and/or political empowerment. Though the three countries share striking similarities as regards the ...
Jun 2015
Research document

Euro-Med Growth and Trade Integration: can we talk of a cost of the non-Mediterranean?

This paper revisits the debate on EuroMediterranean integration to reassess its observed and expected impact on the economic growth of the South and East Mediterranean countries (SEMCs).
Nov 2013
Institutional document

Urban Projects Finance Initiative (UPFI)

Imagine the southern Mediterranean tomorrow… 245 million people living in urban areas – it’s a huge challenge for this region of the world. The Union for the Mediterranean, the European Union, ...
Apr 2018