French Guiana

French Guiana is located in South America and is experiencing strong population growth, which poses a social and economic challenge. AFD supports local actors from both the public sector and private sector, throughout the territory, from the coast to remote areas.
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 Maroni, Guiana
AFD and French Guiana: addressing demographc challenges and supporting economic and social development

Supporting local authorities

Apatou College, Guyane, aerial view, local authorities, education

Supporting local authorities

AFD is a major partner for public actors in French Guiana for the implementation of an investment policy to match needs. It is responsive to its local partners and offers local authorities a range of financing solutions tailored to the context of French Guiana and support missions for the implementation of their development projects.

Our support to local authorities in French Guiana:

  • Strengthens priority sectors for French Guiana’s development, in particular through the construction of schools and urban facilities, territorial development and by improving waste management.
  • Assists the implementation of the investment programs of local authorities.
  • Improves the management and organization of local authorities: training for territorial officers and support-advice missions, and expertise in the field of the organization, management and finances of local authorities.

Strengthening the health and social care sectors

Hospital, Guiana, women & children, health

Strengthening the health and social care sectors

Health plays a major role in AFD’s action in French Guiana. Indeed, it is faced with a lack of infrastructure and equipment, medical-social facilities and services and qualified staff. There is unequal access to healthcare in the territory. In addition to this situation, rapid population growth increases pressure on health and medical-social services.

Developing healthcare provision…

In the health sector, AFD contributes to financing French Guiana’s main hospital centers: for example, it has cofinanced the new mother-child unit and, more recently, the partial refurbishment of the Cayenne hospital center, as well as the construction of the new West French Guiana hospital center in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. 

and medical-social facilities

Since 2012, we have been contributing to improving care and healthcare services for disabled children and adults.

AFD has financed the construction of the “Yépi Kaz” Medical-Social Institute in Rémire-Montjoly, of the association APAJH, which receives children with multiple disabilities, and the Physical Education Institute in Roura, with the association PEP Guyane, which will soon be receiving 60 children and adolescents suffering from mobility disabilities. More recently, AFD has been involved in addiction treatment for women by supporting the association AKATIJ for its therapeutic community project in Awala-Yalimapo.

Supporting the private sector

biomass, energy, Abiodis, Guyane


AFD supports the private sector to help job-creating activities and boost the economic base. For example, in French Guiana, in recent years it has contributed to financing the renewable energies sector (photovoltaics, biomass) and telecommunications sector. It operates via:

  • Direct financing offered to companies since 2013 (investment loans), as a complement to banks 
  • The marketing of all the products of Bpifrance (guarantees and loans), with AFD acting as a service provider
  • The Guarantee Fund for Agriculture and Fishing (FOGAP), which facilitates access to bank loans for companies in the agriculture, fishing, timber and aquaculture sectors. 

We also promote and facilitate the establishment of microfinance institutions (MFIs) in the French overseas territories via our support to ADIE at central level.

Promoting regional cooperation

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AFD supports and finances regional cooperation projects between French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Amapà State in Brazil. It provides its financial support and its expertise, particularly in the sectors of health and biodiversity. AFD French Guiana also attends the meetings of the River Panel and takes part in Transboundary Commissions.

projects financed in 10 years
EUR million committed between 2010 and 2016

French Guiana is located in South America and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. 90% of its territory is covered by the Amazon forest and it is France’s largest region in terms of surface area… as well as the least densely populated in the French overseas territories. Its population, one of the youngest in France, is expected to double by 2040 to half a million inhabitants: a real demographic dynamism which is an opportunity, but also a challenge. 

Indeed, while French Guiana has experienced strong growth since the 1990s, population growth is now mitigating this economic performance, which is, however, driven by a healthy aerospace industry and growing tourism. Today, GDP per capita is only equivalent to almost half the national level (against over 60% in 1993). Essential services are also not evenly distributed between the coast and the inland plains, and unemployment affected 23% of the working population in 2016. 

AFD in French Guiana seeks to address the demographic challenge, fight against economic, social and territorial imbalances, and promote the emergence of a new development model. AFD supports local public and private actors. It operates via a number of tools for the public sector (loans, support-advice) and private sector (loans to companies for medium to large-scale investment projects, guarantee fund for fishing and agriculture, range of services of Bpifrance). 

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