Located at the heart of the Antilles island arc, Guadeloupe is seeking to revive its growth in order to ensure the well-being of its inhabitants. To achieve this, the island needs to strike a better balance between the private and public sectors and build on regional integration. AFD is by its side, helping it cope with these challenges.
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Bananas, production, Guadeloupe, Gentilhomme
AFD and Guadeloupe: reviving growth and fostering regional integration
bananas, agricultural production, Cambrefort, Guadeloupe, Gentilhomme

Guiding public policy

Construction, école, trois rivières Trois Rivières, Guadeloupe, Gentilhomme

Guiding public policy

In a background of decentralization, more than ever before, public projects in Guadeloupe are having to rely on support from local stakeholders. The island's financial difficulties prevent state action from functioning effectively here.

To stimulate political and economic development, AFD is supporting all the public stakeholders in Guadeloupe, from local communities through to the port and airport companies. 

Our teams are therefore offering advice to local communities on how to manage and consolidate their finances. We attach particular importance to health, education and environmental projects.

We use two main tools for implementing local public policies:

  • Loans to local communities (PCL),
  • Prefinancing of European subsidies (PS2E).

Supporting the private sector

Bananas, production, Guadeloupe, Gentilhomme

Supporting the private sector

If Guadeloupe wants to return to economic health, it needs to encourage private-sector players (small, medium or large), as they are the job creators in a département particularly affected by unemployment.

AFD is acutely aware of the importance of this sector for the département's economic development and is helping private players by funding their investments and facilitating their access to bank credit. 

We use two tools for this:

  • Marketing all the products offered by Bpifrance (guarantees and loans), where AFD acts as a service provider. Bpi funds SMEs via direct loans,
  • The direct funding offered by AFD to businesses, in addition to the banks, mainly intended for infrastructure and preservation of the environment.

To promote sustainable development, we also support:

  • The Guadeloupe Guarantee Fund for Social Housing (FGHSG), which guarantees loans for funding the construction of modular social housing,
  • The Guarantee Fund for Agriculture and Fisheries (FOGAP), which facilitates access to bank credit for companies in the agricultural, fishing, forestry and aquaculture sectors. 

Our goal is to improve the competitiveness of innovative companies in Guadeloupe in order to facilitate their access to new markets, in the Caribbean region in particular. 

Developing renewable energies

Solar pannels, street lights, Nord Grande-Terre, Port Louis, Guadeloupe, Gentilhomme

Developing renewable energies

Despite considerable natural energy potential (geothermal, hydro-power resources, biomass and biogas, solar and wind), electricity generation from renewable energies remains limited in Guadeloupe. 

Spearheaded by the regional authority, Guadeloupe has set ambitious goals to develop its energy mix.

As part of this, AFD supported construction of France's first wind plant combining power generation and storage on the site of Petite-Place, in Capesterre-de-Marie-Galante. This 2.5 MW plant was commissioned in 2015 and is intended as a pilot project to support areas not currently connected to the Guadeloupe electricity grid.

Fostering regional integration

Habour, village, Guadeloupe, Gentilhomme

Fostering regional integration

In many areas, such as health, the environment and prevention of natural hazards, regional cooperation has proved far more effective than isolated actions. The regional framework can also leverage the potential of businesses in Guadeloupe. The island's economic future therefore depends in part on its integration in the regional arena and its links with neighboring islands in the Caribbean.  

AFD fosters the dissemination of Guadeloupe's know-how and encourages projects that bring the island and its neighbors closer together, from both an economic and a societal perspective. 

million euros committed between 2010 and 2016
projects funded in 10 years

Guadeloupe is an overseas département and region, bordered by the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, and located 6700 kilometers from metropolitan France. It has more than 400,000 inhabitants. 

Following strong growth during the 1990s, the island experienced an economic slowdown, mainly linked to the financial crisis of 2009. Boosted by tourism, household consumption and trade, 2015 saw the start of an economic recovery. 

But Guadeloupe still faces economic, environmental and social challenges, such as a lack of infrastructure, an aging population, fragile social cohesion and a private sector that is struggling to get off the ground.
As its historical partner for 70 years, AFD is supporting Guadeloupe's economic revival and helping it expand its influence in the Caribbean area. It acts via numerous tools intended for the public (loans, consulting support) and private sectors (loans to companies, guarantee funds, Bpifrance services).

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