Our priorities

In 2016, AFD reached a new level when, for the very first time, it committed more than 9 billion euros to more than 600 development projects.
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Zagtouli, Burkina Faso's photovoltaic power plant
Financing development means working for everyone's benefit, to prevent crises and to build shared prosperity. Reconciling the two urgent challenges of climate and development, as well as fighting inequality, are our core priorities.
"50%": a landmark figure to guide our action

50% of grants and loans to foreign countries in 2016 have climate and development as co-benefits. With €24 billion committed since 2005, the AFD Group is one of the main international donors seeking to reconcile climate and development.


50% of the amounts AFD commits to foreign countries go to Africa, which is the priority target of French official development assistance.


50% of projects initiated in 2016 also further gender equality, which is a powerful factor of development and the fight against poverty.


50% of 2016 commitments were carried out as cofinancing with partners. Cofinancing makes it possible to multiply impacts and make more ambitious projects possible.


50% of our commitments in 2016 were devoted to "non-sovereign" activities. AFD provides financing not only for States, but more broadly for all the stakeholders of development: projects initiated by public and private enterprises, local communities, banks, investment funds and NGOs.


50% of commitments are made in countries belonging to the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF).