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Evaluation document

Support to local socio-economic revitalisation in cities undergoing crisis

AFD is regularly called upon to support urban development projects in areas recovering from crises, be they natural or political. Above and beyond the simple reconstruction of buildings, such requests ...
Oct 2016
Research document

Informal Recycling vs municipal Waste Service in Asian cities: Opposition or Integration?

Despite being generally poorly recognized by public authorities, informal recycling remains nevertheless a major component in the waste sector, which questions the legitimacy of the official waste arrangements. A look ...
Jan 2018
Research document

An Input-Output Analysis: What Would a Low-Carbon Economy for Brazil Mean?

Mixing economic growth with low-carbon objectives entails multidimensional challenges among which a shift in employment and a rapid transformation of infrastructure are involved. The aim of this paper is to ...
Dec 2017
Research document

Holding Land in Common within Cities

In the Global South, access to decent housing and secure land tenure remains a great challenge for most urban dwellers. Yet secure land tenure is a key component of urban ...
Oct 2017
Research document

Towards Efficient Urban Public Services in India

The urban population in India is growing consistently, placing unseen pressure on existing urban infrastructures. Public service performance is low by international standards. Empowerment of local authorities could improve the ...
Nov 2014
Institutional document

Urban Projects Finance Initiative (UPFI)

Imagine the southern Mediterranean tomorrow… 245 million people living in urban areas – it’s a huge challenge for this region of the world. The Union for the Mediterranean, the European Union, ...
Apr 2018
Institutional document

Brochure AFD and sustainable urban transport and mobility

Urban mobility is a core challenge for cities. In order to ensure that development is sustainable, inclusive and economically effective, the challenge lies in limiting the congestion that hinders cities ...
Nov 2015