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Hôpital Bon Samaritain, Tchad
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  • Climate
  • Employment and Shared Prosperity
  • Energy
  • Global Partnerships
  • Health
  • Hunger and Food Security
  • Infrastructures
  • Peace and Justice
  • Poverty
  • Sustainable Cities

Funding type

  • Grant
  • Loan
  • Non Sovereign Concessional Loan
  • Non Sovereign Non Concessional Loan
  • Sovereign Concessional Loan


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Evaluation document

Pastoral Water Development in Chad - Evaluation of AFD Interventions over the Last 20 Years

In 2012 the Evaluation Division of AFD’s Research Department decided to evaluate and follow up 20 years of AFD Group interventions in the pastoral water sector in Chad. This exercise, which ...
Sep 2014
Evaluation document

Operating in Fragile States - Lessons from Experience

There are several approaches to fragile states. The first, based on the crisis cycle, distinguishes between deteriorating countries, countries in prolonged crisis, countries emerging from crisis, and countries showing gradual ...
Oct 2010
Research document

Sahelian youth: dynamics of exclusion, means of integration

For twenty years now, the Sahel region has been marked by rising insecurity, political crises, and poorly controlled flows of people, arms and illegal goods, with a major risk of ...
Mar 2017
Research document

Sub-Saharan Africa's significant changes in food consumption patterns

Self-produced food amounts to less than half of the total food that people consume, and the provision of food is therefore largely reliant on market supply, in urban and rural ...
Jun 2015
Research document

Securing pastoral mobility in Sahel

Pastoralism has long been regarded as archaic, but recent research shows that pastoral systems can effectively exploit the characteristic instability of dryland ecosystems and make productive use of their considerable ...
Aug 2014
Research document

Export diversification in the franc zone: its extent, sophistication and dynamics

It is now a widely recognised fact in the economic literature that the level of per capita income and the degree of sectoral concentration of economic activity evolve together over ...
Dec 2012