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AFD is supporting FIPAG, a fund for the water supply service for Mozambique's largest cities, with its emergency program to strengthen the drinking water supply to the Greater Maputo Region, through the use of groundwater (drilling equipment, pipe laying, construction of a pumping station) and the implementation of measures to reduce water loss in the network.

The Greater Maputo region has been experiencing a persistent drought since 2015, the direct impact of which is the lowering of the Umbeluzi reservoir, the main source of water supply for the Mozambican capital. To cope with this situation of water scarcity, and pending the commissioning of a new water purification plant sourced from another water reservoir, FIPAG has implemented an emergency program. This consists in using the underground waters of the Greater Maputo Region and reducing water losses in the network.


AFD's contribution to this investment program is twofold. The first concerns the mobilization and distribution of groundwater, through the equipment of 26 boreholes allowing the abstraction of a daily volume of 13,500 m3, as well as the laying of pipes and the construction of a pumping station. The second component involves the transfer of over 4,000 existing domestic connections in three areas of the Greater Maputo Region from the old network to a new network already installed, and the decommissioning of the old network.


The increased drinking water production capacity will help alleviate the water shortage situation in the Greater Maputo Region in the short term and improve the quality of the drinking water service provided to the population. In the longer term, these additional capacities will enable the region to be more resilient to climate change by diversifying sources of supply.

Project start date
Project end date
3 years
Duration of funding
6 227 887
Financing amount
FIPAG (Water Supply Investment and Assets Fund)