Our Diversity Commitments

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  • Our institution pays special attention to the coherence between the external commitments it makes to its clients, partners and the general public, and its internal operating practices. It endeavors to be a reflection of society. A work community is based on everyone’s talent and differences. A well-managed policy and practice of diversity means promoting the expression of ideas, which are sources of innovation. AFD draws on this to enhance its performance and the personal development of its employees.  
  • We work in more than 110 countries on an increasingly varied number of issues. It is therefore essential to understand the cultural, social, human, historical and political issues involved in our development activities. The legitimacy of our operations and therefore the quality of our projects depends on this. Our performance in other words, must be operational and economic, but also social.

Within the framework of AFD’s equality policy and its commitment to combat discrimination of all kinds, all applicants who have replied to job offers have the possibility of submitting any claims they might have relating to the selection and recruitment procedure by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address:

51 rue Bonaparte

The claim must be duly substantiated and will be the subject of a confidential appraisal. A written response will be sent to the address you provided within a period of 5 weeks as of receipt of the registered letter.

The information supplied to Allodiscrim will be processed for the sole purpose of managing the claim. You may exercise your right to access and rectify this information via your point of contact at allodiscrim.fr.



AFD is actively involved in the professional integration of people with disabilities. It has strengthened this commitment by signing an agreement based on four priorities:

  • The recruitment of new employees with disabilities
  • The retention in employment of people with disabilities by implementing measures to adapt workstations
  • Training for people with disabilities to ensure their employability throughout their career
  • Communication and awareness-raising among all managers and employees about disability issues


On June 20, 2022, AFD Group signed the LGBT+ Commitment Charter established by the association L’Autre Cercle. The aim of this charter is to ensure the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in their professional environment.

In signing this charter, AFD Group undertook to honor the commitments made during the AFNOR diversity certification process: to create an inclusive environment for our LGBT+ employees, and to ensure equal rights and treatment for all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. AFD Group must also provide means to support our employees who are victims of discriminatory comments or actions, assess progress made, and share best practices to improve the overall working environment.


AFD signed the #StOpE (“Stop Casual Sexism in Businesses”) charter in January 2023. In doing so, we commit to taking actions to combat sexism, including that casual sexism.

StopE sexisme


Professional equality

Among the main social policy issues, professional equality is a major aspect of AFD Group’s corporate social responsibility policy. Our commitments to professional quality are in several areas: recruitment; remuneration; the fight against stereotypes, sexist behavior and harassment; taking parenthood into account, and others.

The professional equality by gender index at AFD is 92/100.
This score has been obtained using the following indicators:

  • Average salary gap indicator: 37/40
  • Individual salary increase gap indicator: 20/20
  • Promotion rate gap indicator: 15/15
  • Indicator on the percentage of employees who benefited from a salary increase in the year following their return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Indicator corresponding to the number of women and men earning the 10 highest salaries: 5/10

Breakdown of AFD employees by gender:


of women


of men

Gender Equality Index