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AFD Research Publications

Our collections

  • ExPost

collection ExPost, AFDThe ExPost evaluations present studies conducted by consultants and experts in the field. They aim to assess the relevance and impact of development projects and programs financed by AFD in the regions where it operates. The ExPost series emphasizes the need for accountability with regard to French public aid for development.



  • MacroDev

MacroDev, AFDThe MacroDevs serve as a point of reference for macroeconomic analysis and country risk assessment. These publications feature analyses conducted by AFD researchers and economists of macroeconomic issues associated with development processes, often focusing on a specific country or region.  

The MacroDevs are aimed at students and academics, country-risk specialists (such as investment banks), economic and political decision-makers, and investors.



  • Research Papers

Papiers de recherche, AFDThe Research Papers aim to disseminate the ongoing work of researchers from AFD or the wider academic world. They help to raise awareness of these projects and establish a foothold in the scientific development community. They are used to inform international academic debates on development-related subjects.

The topics covered include a wide range of economic and development issues.



  • Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs, AFDPolicy Briefs are succinct documents whose purpose is to promote dialogue, and the exchange of views on development issues. They help raise awareness of key issues highlighted by AFD among a non-academic audience, and particularly among political decision-makers. The briefs aim to inform debate on development issues and include public policy recommendations. 



  • Policy Papers

Policy Papers, AFDPolicy Papers outline public policy recommendations, presenting a clear rationale and adopting a “problem / solution-based” approach. This technique is then used to conduct an analysis of a particular region and/or development issue.

Policy Papers raise awareness of issues that AFD considers key, particularly among a non-academic audience. The papers seek to encourage public debate and inform decision-making. They are specifically aimed at political decision-makers, public institutions and academic experts. 



  • A Question of Development

A Question of Development, AFDThe collection A Question of Development presents summary reports of studies, evaluations and research launched or supported by AFD. It outlines and summarizes a problem or issue, the research methodology, the main results, and lessons learned.
It is intended for the development community such as AFD's partners, development practitioners, the media, teachers, researchers, students and civil society organizations.



  • Technical Reports

Rapports techniques, AFDTechnical Reports contain technical, geographical and sector-wide information on a particular aspect of development and provide feedback on the data. They highlight reports, feasibility studies, case analyses and field surveys produced by AFD, which are full of valuable information, particularly for development practitioners.



  • Policy Dialogues

Policy Dialogue, AFDThe Policy Dialogues promote dialogue and debate on development issues. They provide recommendations for the elaboration and implementation of public policies. They take place exclusively within the framework of broad partnership programs.

Our special editions

Special Editions, AFDThe special editions published by Agence Française de Développement feature research work initiated and/or steered by AFD. The topics covered illustrate a fundamental and strategic focus area for AFD initiatives.


AFD also participates in joint publishing projects with donors and publishers, both as part of one-off editorial partnerships and through two long-running collections:

  • Africa Development Forum

Africa Development Forum

Created in 2009, the Africa Development Forum collection focuses on the major social and economic development issues in Africa and promotes multi-country strategies. Each issue in this collection provides an overview of a specific theme and aims to inform strategic thinking on local, regional and global policy making.

This bilingual (French-English)collection is directed by AFD and the World Bank. The papers selected are the result of multidisciplinary research work and field activities conducted by both institutions.



  • Repères

Repères, AFDIn the “Repères” collection published by La Découverte, AFD provides previously unpublished analyses of the major economic and social issues affecting Africa. This summary report outlines the major macroeconomic trends in Africa and its regions. This work examines major structural issues, both continent-wide and country-specific, from a multidisciplinary perspective.


Agence Française de Développement’s studies analyze the challenges facing the world, as part of an effort to better understand, plan and help realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals include “Enhancing access to science” and “Enhancing knowledge sharing”. The production of a scientific knowledge that is accessible to all is considered a common good. 

Sharing such knowledge and making it freely accessible online, is the most effective way of ensuring a wide dissemination of research results and of promoting readership. Open Access allows authors to benefit from the broadest possible dissemination of their results and allows readers to access a greater amount of relevant information. 

AFD has been providing open access for several years, and makes Agence Française de Développement’s publications available to the public. They can be freely consulted and downloaded on AFD's website

As of 1 January 2021, Agence Française de Développement has made its publications available under a Creative Commons open license. This provides the public with free access, subject to conditions concerning the reuse and sharing of content, and copyright. 

For its publications, Agence Ffrançaise de Ddéveloppement is thereby committed to:

  • Posting open access publications on AFD’s website  
  • Allowing a right to use publications
  • Making an effective contribution to knowledge sharing and access to scientific research.