Recruitment at AFD

The recruitment process at AFD allows candidates to verify that they fit in with the company and whether they see themselves working for it.
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This page gives you explanations on the various recruitment stages, and tips on how to apply online on our website.
If you have any questions, please consult our FAQ.

Our recruitment process

How to apply on the website?

  • I go to the “Our employment opportunities” page

By clicking on the “Join our teams” tab, which you can access from the website menu, then by clicking on the “Apply for our jobs” button.

  • I am looking for a job that suits me

By using the drop-down menus, I can filter the available jobs depending on various criteria (type of contract, type of activity, country). If I am interested in a job offer, I click on the “Apply for this job” button directly on the relevant page. 

  • I create or connect to my Candidate Space to apply

Not yet registered:
I choose a user name and password.

Already registered:
I log in and enter my password.

  • I submit my application

After creating my Candidate Space, I apply for the job by filling in the form (identity, position sought, main education, additional information). 

For my attachments, (Resumé and motivation letter), only the following files are authorized: doc, pdf, rtf, docx, tif, tiff. Each document must not exceed 500 Ko.

  • I send my application

After ensuring I have thoroughly reread my application, I tick the box on the confidentiality policy and click on the “Send” button at the bottom of the page.  

  • I receive a confirmation e-mail

I check both my e-mails and spam mailbox. 


Internships & Sandwich Courses

Do you recruit students on sandwich courses?

Yes, we recruit some sandwich course students every year at AFD between April and September. To find out about the available positions, click here

Which is the best period to apply for an internship?  

We recruit interns throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to apply for our positions here.

What is the minimum duration of an internship?

6 months.

Is it compulsory to be registered in a French institution to carry out an internship at AFD?

Yes, it is necessary to have an internship agreement from a French institution to be able to carry out your internship at AFD.

Local agencies

How can I apply for a position in an AFD agency?

Please contact the relevant agency, you will find the contact details here.


Is it possible to benefit from international mobility?

Yes, we promote the international mobility of employees in the context of their career management. In 2017, there were 220 mobilities in the group, including abroad.

My application

How long does it take to process an application? 

Applications are processed within a month following the publication of the advert. Replies are subsequently sent to candidates during the recruitment process. 

Has my application been received? 

You receive a confirmation e-mail following the receipt of your application. 

How many positions can I apply for? 

You can apply for all the positions corresponding to your research and profile. However, a large number of applications may have a negative impact on the clarity of your career plan. 

Can I modify my application once it has been sent? 

It is no longer possible to modify your application once it has been sent. However, you can view your application on the candidate space.

Meet the recruitment team

Do you organize recruitment events?

Yes, the recruitment team, accompanied by HR managers and operational ambassadors, is present at a number of fairs throughout the year. To follow our events, you can consult our LinkedIn page.

My data

How long do you retain my data?

Your personal data is retained for 24 months, in accordance with the recommendations of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL). By applying for an offer of employment at AFD or PROPARCO, you authorize us to collect your personal data and use them in the context of the recruitment process and, where applicable, in the hiring process. After this period, you will receive an e-mail offering you the possibility of updating your data. If you do not reply within 15 days, your data will be deleted from our database.

How can I delete my AFD account?

You can delete your account at any time via your candidate space (Section: Delete my account).

Employment offers

The employment offer is no longer available on your website. Does this mean that the position has been filled? 

Yes, the publication of the employment offer is deactivated as soon as the position has been filled.

International volunteer programs

Does AFD offer international volunteer programs?

Yes, we offer international volunteer programs throughout the year (about 100 a year). You can consult the offers here.

If you have any questions concerning the status of international volunteers and the conditions for carrying out an International Volunteer Administration (IVA) Program, click here.

Vivier program (equivalent to the “graduate program”)

What is the Vivier Program?

The Vivier Program allows AFD to integrate a dozen or so employees on permanent contracts every year who are set to have a long-term career in the group, via an 18-month discovery program. This program comprises three 6-month assignments in various group entities, including at least one international module, allowing varied experience of agency activities to be acquired.

What are the profiles sought?

You have graduated from a university, engineering or business school and you have about 5 years of experience in development (excluding internships), including at least one experience in technical project management or international project financing (infrastructure, energy, agro-industry…). You want your career plan to include values of open-mindedness, commitment, integrity and adaptability to different sociological and cultural contexts. In addition to a command of English, working knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese would be appreciated.

In which field do you recruit for the Vivier Program?

The Vivier Program mainly concerns finance activities (investment/financing) and development engineering activities (urban development, infrastructure, energy, rural development, water…).