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Paris Alignment of Operations with Financial Institutions - An AFD Group Perspective on the Need to Raise Collective Ambition

At the sidelines of COP27, AFD Group is launching this position paper in order to take stock of its current approach to assess Paris alignment of its operations with financial institutions and its plans to keep improving this approach in the future. AFD Group’s stand is that, beyond a project perspective, we need to support our partners - and the systems within which they operate - on their own alignment journey to accelerate the transformation of the financial system and real economy. 

AFD Group looks forward to exchanging views with our partners and peers on such matters and calls on DFIs and the broader Public Development Bank community, as well as private financial institutions and other relevant stakeholders to intensify discussions to elaborate coherent and compatible Paris-alignment frameworks that work across the diverse landscape of institutions and contexts. Such collaboration and cross-capitalisation should also make best use of inputs by think tank and research institutes, and of existing platforms such as, among others, the Financial Institutions Group on Aligning Financial Chains with the Paris Agreement co-chaired by the Mainstreaming Climate Initiative and UNEPFI. 

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