AFD and the Ocean

The ocean is essential to development, food security, employment and the economy in a number of countries. Yet it is being weakened by increased pressure from human activities. The degradation of environments, from the high seas to the coasts, which are home to 20% of the world’s population, is worsening with population growth: unsustainable fishing and aquaculture activities, pollution generated by the discharge of wastewater, industrial, agricultural or plastic waste, artificialisation of coastal areas, etc.

Meanwhile, global warming and water acidification are leading to changes in ocean characteristics, habitats and marine biodiversity, coral bleaching and alter the spatial distribution of fish species.

AFD Group’s mission is to contribute to restoring the balance between preserving the ocean’s good environmental status and its multiple uses by humankind. For that purpose, AFD takes a different approach to each situation, giving priority to activities that benefit the most vulnerable, systematically including gender, climate and biodiversity issues.

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