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Jordan: Bus Rapid Transit, making City Travel Easier

Amman, Jordan, BRT
New and alternative modes of transportation can breathe new life into congested cities. Luc Le Cabellec, Agence Française de Développement’s Director in Jordan, and Arnaud Desmarchelier, Senior Transport Engineer, highlight the importance of the Bus Rapid Transit project for the City of Amman and discuss AFD’s involvement in this important new program.
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AFD’s Atlas of Africa: Viewing the Continent from a New Angle

Tag Africa
AFD Atlast Africa Mobile Telephony
More than 100 new maps and graphs bring to life an unprecedented amount of data in the form of a 128-page “Atlas of Africa.” It breaks down crucial development issues facing the continent today, including progress made towards fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals. Still little known to the outside world, Africa has undergone a series of profound social, economic and environmental change. And with the continent expected to host close to a third of the world’s population in a generation, it’s a chance to take stock and look at Africa from a new angle.
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Reconciling energy transition and economic development in Cambodia: the 2050 Facility mobilized

Reconciling energy transition and economic development in Cambodia
In order to meet the objectives it has set itself under the Paris Agreement, Cambodia wishes to develop a sustainable energy development trajectory, while meeting growing demand. To support it, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on July 24 with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, formalizing support of 300,000 euros from the 2050 Facility.
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Shared Innovation

Creating a “Lynk” between Workers & Clients: One of the Biggest Digital Platforms in Africa

Lynk workers
In our series on “Shared Innovation”, AFD highlights innovative programs devised and developed in our partner countries.

Across Sub-Saharan Africa, most work is in the informal sector, where wages can be volatile and protection minimal. Kenyan start-up Lynk has launched a digital platform to connect workers with companies and households, providing them with more security, better work conditions and new career opportunities.
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