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NENGO: Helping in the Healing of Sexual Violence Victims in the Central African Republic

With sexual violence rife in the Central African Republic, the Nengo project was set up in 2020 to help women overcome physical, psychological and social trauma. Since then, what progress has been achieved? In the approach to International Women's Day on March 8, we look at the collective effort to tackle a nationwide scourge.
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How do we Measure Adaptation to Climate Change?

Since 2015, AFD Group has stepped up its commitment to initiatives that boost adaptation to climate change. A recent evaluation of 35 projects with an "adaptation" component in sub-Saharan Africa enables us to adjust our operations to the realities on the ground, and highlights major challenges for the development community.
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Combating Cholera in the Congo by Renovating Water Infrastructure

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to half of Africa’s water reserves, but only a quarter of the DRC’s population has access to affordable drinking water. Deteriorating infrastructure has contaminated the water, causing diseases such as typhoid fever, amoebic dysentery and cholera. An AFD-backed project has renovated the water supply infrastructure to make water cleaner and safer to use.
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Holistic Forest Conservation in Madagascar: Is it Working?

Lémurien Madagascar
The lush forests of Madagascar are home to a bewildering variety of wildlife and biodiversity. But they are threatened by deforestation and the destruction of natural habitats. The Holistic Forest Conservation Project has begun to reverse the damage, not only by replanting trees, but also by helping reform detrimental forms of development.
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Using Monitoring and Evaluation for more effective Public Policy

Regional capital Cameroon
Monitoring and evaluation at AFD is changing radically to become a genuine decision-making tool. Using new and innovative approaches to data collection and analysis, AFD is among a small but growing group of organizations bolstering their commitment to closer monitoring of their activities, to ensure greater transparency and effectiveness, both in policy-making and on the ground.
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In Regions Afflicted by Conflict and Crisis, Making Development Sustainable

Travailleurs agricoles Bambari RCA
In regions caught up in conflict and crises, conducting development work can be difficult, and ensuring the benefits last can be even harder. That’s why projects require careful monitoring and a multi-track approach that addresses not only development objectives like access to water or education, but the prevailing security environment and complex human relations. We look at how such operations should be managed for maximum sustainability.
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Taking the Leap: the Cutting-Edge Development Banks Aligning their Activities with the SDGs

SDGs and the UN HQ
At the halfway point to the 2030 deadline, the world is far from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Public development banks however, can play a crucial role. Ahead of the UN General Assembly’s SDG Summit in New York on 18-19 September, we look at what some PDBs are doing to ensure their activities help make the Goals a reality.
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Honing Training Programs in Senegal to Boost Key Employment Sectors

Formation Sénégal
One of the central challenges facing developing and middle-income economies is matching their educational and training sectors to employment markets. AFD has been supporting Senegal set up vocational training schemes in priority sectors, from agri-food and fishing to tourism and public works – sectors for a growing number of young people. But there is still much to be done.
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5 Ways to Deal with Drought in Africa and Beyond

sécheresse champ eau climat agriculture Afrique ASARIGG
As climate change exacerbates droughts and makes countries’ water supplies even more unpredictable, development projects in Africa are using a growing number of anti-drought techniques such as wastewater reuse, groundwater recharge and agroforestry. Such innovative techniques could be applied in other regions threatened by water shortages, whether for direct human and animal consumption or for farming and industry.
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The Pacific Ocean: Working with Island States Vulnerable to Climate Change

Changement climatique et biodiversité
Emmanuel Macron made a landmark visit to Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea in July, the first by a French President since Charles de Gaulle. The visit comes as climate change poses enormous risks for countries, communities and islands across a region seen as a laboratory for solutions to the environmental crisis.
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