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In brief

An ambitious project to improve water and sanitation infrastructures in cities in southern Turkey

Nizip refugee camp, Turkey, on the border with Syria
Funded by the European Union (EU) and supported by Agence Française de Développement and the World Bank, this project aims to assist the municipalities of southern Turkey in the renovation of their water and sanitation systems and their management of solid waste. Local authorities and Ilbank, a Turkish bank that implements the program, signed funding agreements during a ceremony that took place on July 6, 2021 in Ankara.
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"We encourage forest operators to change their practices"

Creeper tree Africa
AFD has established a responsible forest management model, as part of its efforts to make forests more sustainable. How effective is it? Patricia Aubras, AFD’s Regional Director for Central Africa explains its utility in the Congo Basin, for the forests there and the people who depend on them.
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In the Struggle to Make Forests Sustainable, how Effective are Verification Systems?

Forest wood certification
Whether it’s durable walnut to make a table, or rich and robust oak for the beams of a home, good quality wood can fetch a high price. But thriving markets have contributed to high levels of deforestation. Certification systems seek to verify the origins of wood and make forests more sustainable. How effective have they been? We look back at the origins and impact of some of the world's major certification systems.
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Mobilizing Local Populations in Forest Management 

population africa forests
Achieving sustainable forest management often requires participation by local and indigenous peoples of the forest area, but there are many obstacles to achieving this. That’s why Agence Française de Développement provides support for programs that encourage participation – to improve forest protection.
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6 Good Reasons to Preserve Forests  

forest river
They contribute to biodiversity and mitigate the effects of climate change and pollution – just a few of the many boons bestowed by forests worldwide. Here we review the six main reasons why we should protect them.
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[Feature Report] Forests: As Vital as they are Vulnerable

forêt Guinée AFD
Whether as vast sources of biodiversity, carbon sinks, or as food sources, forests are vital for life on Earth. But they’re under constant threat by human activities and climate change. In this feature report, we’ll see what’s happening under the forest canopy, to better understand the issues linked to forest conservation – as well as the solutions at hand.
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A Bold New Ambition for France’s International Development Policy

National Assembly voting on the Development bill
France’s National Assembly passed new legislation for international development on Tuesday, preparing the way for a rise in overseas assistance to .55% of GDP by next year. Faced with the continuing consequences of the global crisis affecting health sectors, economies and societies worldwide, France has adopted a series of measures that will serve to combat global inequalities and protect global public goods.
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On the Ground

AFD-GDN Biodiversity and Development Award: The Winners and their Projects

Madagascar agriculture
Launched by the Global Development Network (GDN) and Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the AFD-GDN Biodiversity and Development Award provides support for researchers in their projects to preserve biodiversity. Spotlight on the winners of the 2021 edition in five countries: Ghana, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Fiji.
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COMBO+: Stopping Net Biodiversity Loss in Six Countries in Africa and Asia

COMBO+:  Stopping Net Biodiversity Loss in Six Countries in Africa And Asia
AFD and the The French Facility for Global Environment are supporting a new program launched by NGO the Wildlife Conservation Society and aiming to strike a better balance between economic development and the preservation of biodiversity. The signing of a partnership agreement between AFD and WCS last month extended their collaboration to cover a dozen topics of mutual interest.
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Call for applications

Comics Competition for Young Indonesians – Educating a New Generation in Plastic Pollution

Comics Competition for Young Indonesians – Educating a New Generation in Plastic Pollution
Indonesia is the second-biggest contributor of plastic waste in the world's oceans, behind China. To raise awareness among young Indonesians and encourage them to take action, the Indonesian development bank (PT SMI) and AFD are launching a comic strip competition in partnership with CNN Indonesia.
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On the Ground

Being a Champ in Kenya: Much more than Boxing

Girls learning to box with Boxgirls Kenya
Self-defense, fitness, confidence, and more. Every week, girls from low-income areas in Nairobi head to the east side of the city to train with BoxGirls, Kenya. Some twenty women boxers take the girls through their paces, coaching them in the pugilistic arts – and beyond. The project, supported by AFD, has been a resounding success.
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Call for projects

Measuring Stimulus Effects on the South African Economy: A Call for proposals for research projects of up to one year

default image
Researchers interested in examining the ramifications of stimulus measures for the South African economy are invited to submit their research proposals, by August 15, 2021.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced societies around the world to make difficult trade-offs, as they try respond to the public health crisis on one hand, and to the economic and social distress arising out of it on the other. In South Africa, these combined crises have exacerbated already high levels of unemployment, deepening poverty and heightening levels of hunger and food insecurity.
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When Gender and Climate Go Hand in Hand: New Prospects for Development

REconciling Climate Change needs with Gender Equality
This month's Generation Equality Forum organized in Paris highlighted the links between gender and climate change. A new study conducted by the French Economic Observatory (OFCE) and Sciences Po describes the connections between climate and gender as one of the central issues in development today. What is becoming increasingly clear is that in our efforts to realize the Sustainable Development Goals, one priority need not be pursued at the expense of another.
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Boosting the Energy transition in Vietnam: AFD supports the extension of Ialy hydropower plant

signature France Vietnam Ialy énergies renouvelables hydroélectricité
It’s an agreement that will enrich and expand Vietnam's energy source. Fabrice Richy, AFD Director in Vietnam, and Nguyen Xuan Nam, Vice President of Vietnam Electricity (EVN), signed a credit facility agreement for a €74.7 million non-sovereign concessional loan aiming at financing the extension of Ialy Hydropower plant, thus helping support the energy transition in the country.
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