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Powering Batteries with Sun, Wind and Water

Stockage énergie
Where energy continues to be produced by fossil fuels, African countries are seeking sustainable alternatives. Africa Renewable Energy Scale-up (ARE Scale-up) funds the storage of sustainable sources of electricity for the green transition up and down the continent.
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More than 4 Million People will have Improved Access to Water thanks to AFD-Supported Projects

eau accès potable Afrique
In the approach to its 77th session now underway in New York, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a historic resolution declaring access to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, a universal human right. It’s aimed at improving access to fundamental natural resources like water – something that AFD is working on around the world.
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Transforming Education: AFD Group has Solutions in its Satchel

Countries around the world have made gains in expanding and improving access to education. But the Covid-19 health crisis has already undermined progress, with millions of children dropping out of school. In response, the UN has made transforming education a priority for the coming year. AFD will be bringing its expertise to bear in an effort to make up for lost ground, and continue its work in education, training and lifelong learning.
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Training the Caribbean’s Next Generation in Climate Change Resilience

Sea Turtle Climate Change
The Caribbean is on the front lines of climate change. To lessen its impact on the region, adaptation strategies will require innovative solutions, integrated planning and multifunctional responses, especially in urban areas. To this end, the Caribbean needs to further cultivate its skills and education programs in urban climate resilience. AFD is financing the preparation of an online course in adaptation strategies, which taps into the expertise of several development and environmental organizations.
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