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Shared Innovation

A Brazilian Hackathon for Smart Cities

Hackathon Brésil
AFD’s “Shared Innovation” series highlights innovative programs created or developed in our partner countries.

It was a hackathon with a purpose. Last month, Brazilian students and tech professionals got together to figure out how data can be deployed to build smart cities and help municipal officials deal more effectively with pressing public issues.
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AFD News

World in Common: A Soundtrack

At turns somber, moving and uplifting, Thomas Roussel’s composition for AFD has launched a new year whose spirit we hope will prove to be more “in common” than ever before, one in which we move towards our goals, which contribute to the collective good.
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AFD News

Covid’s Consequences for Global Remittances

transfert fonds de la diaspora
The families of Africans working abroad need the money they send home now more than ever. The widening world pandemic has had grave consequences for the global economy, particularly in developing countries. Yet, subject to the same economic fallout from Covid-19, the African diaspora is now sending far less in remittances, as was revealed last month by an Ipsos/RMDA survey financed by AFD and the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.
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AFD News

France Commits to a Major Boost in Overseas Aid

Tag France
French National Assembly
The French government has charted a new, more ambitious course for its development assistance. Just before the end of the year, France pledged to increase the share of its GDP devoted to overseas aid and to consolidate a fund dedicated to project innovation.
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Shared Innovation

AFD Digital Challenge: 10 Prizewinning Innovative Projects Promoting Sustainable Development

Digital Africa
AFD's “Shared Innovation” series highlights innovative programs created or developed in our partner countries.

Every year, the AFD Digital Challenge rewards ten innovative African start-ups that build creative solutions to challenges linked to development. For the fourth edition in 2020, we list the top 10 projects that help to create inclusive, resilient and sustainable urban infrastructure in Africa.
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