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Finance in Common

The Urgency of Adapting to Climate Change

Fiji mangroves with AFD project RESCCUE
All over the world, climate change is causing loss of life and serious environmental damage. And it’s in the global south where the effects are most pronounced. As part of the Finance in Common Summit uniting 450 development banks virtually in Paris on 11 and 12 November, an online international panel including former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, issued a resounding call for efforts to be scaled up. Solutions may already be within reach.
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Finance in Common

Research Paves the Way to a New Era for Development Banks

the "Visible Hand" conference, on Development banks in transition
Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, how can we ensure that short-term stimulus packages won’t compromise long-term trajectories toward a low-carbon, inclusive, and sustainable economy? And what role can development banks play in contributing to a fair and sustainable recovery? Researchers, economists and representatives of development banks gathered for an online conference organized in Paris on November 9 and 10. Together, they shared their analyses and recommendations on the challenges ahead.
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Finance in Common

Concrete Commitments at Inaugural Summit

Concrete Commitments Made at Inaugural Summit
The first ever international summit of public development banks, unfolding over four days from 9 to 12 November, gave rise to a series of major announcements. They all point towards a global financial system dedicated to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals and to total alignment with the Paris Agreement. Here are some highlights of an historic moment.
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Finance in Common

Finance in Common Summit: The "Sport for Development Coalition" Enters the Field

Fics, sport, développement
A "Sport for Development Coalition" was launched on 11 November during the first international summit of public development banks, held from 9 to 12 November. This initiative is combined with a powerful financing and networking tool: the Sport en Commun platform. Organized in Paris, the online conference has featured speakers and specialists from all over the world, all kicked off, fittingly enough, with the key role that sports can play as a major engine of development.
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