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International Day of Forests: A decade of Turkish-French Cooperation Managing Sustainable Forests

forest infographic
A large-scale collaborative effort to reverse deforestation and protect Turkey’s trees is coming to a close. Some 40 budgetary, institutional and technical commitments worth a total of more than €600 million in financing have contributed to sustainable forest protection and management since 2012. As shown in the infographic below, forest cover has expanded by more than a million hectares thanks to projects contributing to rural economies, biodiversity and Turkey’s ability to combat climate change. For the International Day of Forests on 21 March, we examine the decade-long partnership between France, Turkey and a host of French and Turkish partners.
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On the Ground

AFD Reinforces Support for Low-carbon Transition in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

AFD's CEO in Indonesia
With AFD Group’s CEO Rémy Rioux’s visit to Jakarta on 15 January, AFD has renewed its commitment to energy transition, sustainable ocean management, and sustainable finance in Indonesia, as well as to ASEAN. Two agreements were signed with PT SMI and PLN, and AFD’s Director General reaffirmed AFD’s commitment in the country to several ministers of the Indonesian government during bilateral meetings.
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Youth Mobilized against Gender Violence in Vietnam

Hy Vung Vietnam
The French association, Batik International, has launched the Hy Vong (“Hope”) project in Vietnam, in collaboration with several local partners, to combat violence against women. Its aim is to protect victims, and prevent violence. The objective is also to provide care and raise awareness among Vietnamese people, in particular, by training students in gender and vulnerability issues.
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