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Improving Access to Water and Sanitation for millions in Ethiopia

World Toilet Day on November 19 highlights the dangers of lacking sanitary facilities, and the search for sustainable solutions. With an estimated 419 million people practising "open defecation" worldwide, the need for access to clean, safe toilets for all is more urgent than ever. Which is why AFD is funding a number of initiatives, including two flagship projects in Ethiopia. One will provide 2.6 million people with improved, gender-sensitive sanitation facilities and the second will improve access to water for 1 million people in 45 towns.
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“More tech companies are developing in Africa than in the rest of the world”

Burundi students using a portable media library near Bujumbura, provided by Libraries without Borders
Digital technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in Africa’s economic development. In fact, more tech companies are developing across the continent than in the rest of the world. In the approach to the VivaTech technology and start-up event in Paris from June 14 to 17, we interview Alain Kiyindou co-author of “African Economies in 2023.”
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COMBO+: Stopping Net Biodiversity Loss in Six Countries in Africa and Asia

COMBO+:  Stopping Net Biodiversity Loss in Six Countries in Africa And Asia
AFD and the The French Facility for Global Environment are supporting a new program launched by NGO the Wildlife Conservation Society and aiming to strike a better balance between economic development and the preservation of biodiversity. The signing of a partnership agreement between AFD and WCS last month extended their collaboration to cover a dozen topics of mutual interest.
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€100 Million to Improve Education in Guinea and Niger

Students in Guinea
The Global Partnership for Education, which aims to improve the quality of learning and reduce inequalities in access to education, has delegated to AFD its mission to increase the effectiveness of the education system in Niger and Guinea. The goal: to get more kids in class and provide more people with life opportunities – whatever their socio-economic background.
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