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Improving Access to Water and Sanitation for millions in Ethiopia

World Toilet Day on November 19 highlights the dangers of lacking sanitary facilities, and the search for sustainable solutions. With an estimated 419 million people practising "open defecation" worldwide, the need for access to clean, safe toilets for all is more urgent than ever. Which is why AFD is funding a number of initiatives, including two flagship projects in Ethiopia. One will provide 2.6 million people with improved, gender-sensitive sanitation facilities and the second will improve access to water for 1 million people in 45 towns.
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Oceans: A New System to Protect Marine Biodiversity in Argentina - and Beyond

Pinguino de barbijo América latina océano y biodiversidad
With 5,000 km of coastline, Argentina is working towards establishing, for the first time, a national system to monitor the abundant coastal and marine biodiversity around the country and beyond. By keeping a closer eye on threats to marine wildlife, officials will be better placed to protect the hundreds of species that belong to the region’s ecosystem. We interview Dr. Juan Emilio Sala, who coordinated some 50 experts in Marine Sciences to advise Argentina’s Government.
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