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Defying Desertification: Feeding Populations without Plundering the Planet

Rainforest in Costa Rica: Feeding Populations without Plundering the Planet
In the quest to feed a rapidly global population, some modes of farming and food production are damaging the environment and stripping the earth of valuable nutrients and minerals. Ahead of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, we look at the worldwide search for sustainable ways to produce food, while protecting the planet.
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AFD News

Protecting Biodiversity: the Key Role of Indigenous Communities

communautés autochtones AFD
Worldwide, an estimated 400 to 500 million Indigenous people occupy 20% of the earth’s territory. Yet unsustainable development has caused not only the displacement of countless people, but also the destruction of much of the biodiversity on which they - and the world - depend. With Indigenous people playing a crucial role in the protection of the environment, AFD and its partners are continuing to support them, particularly in the Amazon.
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On the Ground

Working with Brazilian Communities to Protect the region’s Vast & Vulnerable Grasslands

Pampa grasslands Brazil
An ambitious agreement has been signed to protect the vast fertile grasslands covering an area of some one million km2 across the Southern Cone of Latin America, known as the Pampas. AFD and its partners are backing the innovative project to protect the veritable cradle of biodiversity, which will benefit both the residents and wildlife that live and depend on it.
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Oceans: A New System to Protect Marine Biodiversity in Argentina - and Beyond

Pinguino de barbijo América latina océano y biodiversidad
With 5,000 km of coastline, Argentina is working towards establishing, for the first time, a national system to monitor the abundant coastal and marine biodiversity around the country and beyond. By keeping a closer eye on threats to marine wildlife, officials will be better placed to protect the hundreds of species that belong to the region’s ecosystem. We interview Dr. Juan Emilio Sala, who coordinated some 50 experts in Marine Sciences to advise Argentina’s Government.
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Brazil: Protecting Nature and Supporting Sustainable Infrastructure

Curitiba, Brasil
Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon, a major buffer in the global fight against climate change, has fallen by close to a third compared with the same period last year. This breathes new life into efforts to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and comes as AFD announced a €150 million loan for sustainable infrastructure in Brazil - a first. The good news puts wind in the sails of governments and development banks as they prepare for September's Finance in Common Summit (FICS), in Colombia.
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