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In brief

Backing LGBTQ Rights in Albania

xheni karaj
On World Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on May 17, we focus on Xheni Karaj, who has defied death threats to campaign for the the rights of LGBTQ+ people in Albania. This year, the organization "Civil Rights Defenders" is honoring her – along with Frank Mugisha in Uganda – for her commitment to gender equality.
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Tunisia: Prioritizing Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture

Almond orchard in Tunisia
Tunisia is preparing a project for the Green Climate Fund, which will promote climate-resilient agriculture and increase smallholder farmers’ incomes. With COP15 against desertification in full swing in Abidjan from 9 to 20 May, Tunisia’s Director General of Agricultural Land Development tells us about a project supported by AFD Group and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.
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Radio Ndarason in the Sahel: Urgent Issues, Practical News and Dialogue

Radio Ndarason International pacifie les rapports entre éleveurs et cultivateurs.
With worsening food shortages, continuing conflict and the displacement of millions, the Sahel is mired in multiple crises. The relaying of reliable information has never been more important. With support from AFD, Radio Ndarason Internationale in the Lake Chad region produces programs providing timely, practical information for close to 8 million listeners in Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad.
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3 Questions for…

AFD Hackathon: Using Artificial Intelligence to Assess Progress towards Sustainable Development Goal

AFD Group has created its own artificial intelligence system that could revolutionize the monitoring of Public Development Banks’ contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. Now, AFD is organizing a collaborative challenge – a “hackathon” – to identify new ways of using AI to support the SDGs. AFD economist Jean-Baptiste Jacouton, and his colleague Adeline Laulanié, data officer, explain how.
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On the Ground

Vietnam: A New kind of Workshop to Contribute to Climate Resilient Architecture

A workshop on climate change resilient architecture and landscape was held in Son La and Hanoi, Vietnam, from April 1 to 18. It involved 50 students from Hanoi Architecture University’s French-speaking departments in the framework of a new partnership between AFD and the university. The outcomes were presented on April 18 at the French Institute in Hanoi.
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