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Investing in Schools in Gabon

AFD Group and Gabon are working together to implement the Education Sector Investment Project, a €154 million loan to build between 500 and 600 new classrooms in Libreville and Port-Gentil. This ambitious project will begin to make up the national shortfall of 5,000 classrooms and reduce the average number of children per class to 50.
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Bioeconomy: Protecting Biodiversity for an “Economy for Life”

Increasingly, governments, the private sector, civil society and international cooperation are investing in the bioeconomy – a range of economic activities that tap into our biodiversity. It’s an alternative and more sustainable route to development, more in tune with the fight against deforestation, desertification and ecosystem degradation. During this week’s COP15 conference on desertification, which concludes on May 20 in Abidjan, AFD Group celebrates the first anniversary of its bioeconomy technical assistance project on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The project in Ecuador has just received an additional €1 million. We interview the Technical Assistance Coordinator there, Pablo Larco.
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Agriculture, Rural Development and Biodiversity: AFD Group in Action

Agriculture, développement rural et biodiversité
The preservation of biodiversity is at the heart of the debates of the COP15 against desertification which is currently being held in Abidjan, until May 20. This year, it tackles questions revolving around the role of agriculture. As part of France's international strategy, AFD Group is responding to funding requests from its public and private partners to meet the challenges related to food security and the maintenance of ecosystems, while taking into account climate change and population growth.
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Unesco Education Conference: Making the Environment and Climate Change an Integral Part of Learning

Rémy Rioux
UNESCO is holding the World Higher Education Conference in Barcelona May 18-20, as part of an effort to "reshape ideas and practices" in higher education "to ensure sustainable development for the planet and humanity." AFD Group's CEO Rémy Rioux sees it as a chance to reiterate the call for climate change and the environment to be fully integrated into education.
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Backing LGBTQ Rights in Albania

xheni karaj
On World Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on May 17, we focus on Xheni Karaj, who has defied death threats to campaign for the the rights of LGBTQ+ people in Albania. This year, the organization "Civil Rights Defenders" is honoring her – along with Frank Mugisha in Uganda – for her commitment to gender equality.
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