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World Urban Forum : "We Want Cities to be more Sustainable and Actors in their Territory"

View of Colombo in Sri Lanka
The World Urban Forum organized by UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Program, is being held in Katowice, Poland, from 26 to 30 June. Audrey Guiral-Naepels, Deputy Director of the Urban Development, Town Planning and Housing Division at Agence Française de Développement, tells us about the issues this forum will be addressing and AFD Group’s action for housing and investments to build sustainable cities.
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In brief

Pooling Resources Across European Financial Institutions

A network of European bilateral banks and financial institutions that work with public sector partners across the Global South is setting up an innovative finance platform to support a more efficient and comprehensive European financial architecture for development. It’s called JEFIC: Joint European Financiers for International Cooperation, and includes France’s AFD, the Spanish Agency AECID, the Italian Financial Institution CDP and Germany’s state-owned KfW.
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The Metis Fund: Allying Art and Development

A residency for Peruvian and French artists in Peru © Antonio de Loayza /AFD
Created in 2021, the Metis Fund supports local artists getting involved in development projects in countries where AFD operates. From countries as diverse as Peru, Haiti, and Burkina Faso, local artistic initiatives are emerging. In Haiti, an actress and her team worked with schoolchildren to put on a play that tackles questions of violence, performed in Port-au-Prince in June 2022. On the eve of this year's European Development Days on 21 and 22 June, we look back at an innovative program.
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AFD Intervenes to Tackle the Food Crisis

Vue aérienne des femmes récoltants des feuilles de henné dans la cuvette oasienne de Kourgam, Niger.
The consequences of the global food crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic are being compounded by the war in Ukraine, a major international supplier of food commodities. Coupled with the chronic drought, which is worsening this year, the prospects for food security are alarming, especially in Africa. On the heels of World Day of Action Against Hunger, we look at how AFD Group is dealing with the emergency.
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