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AFD News

AFD Group’s 2020 Results: a Rapid Response to the Crisis while Maintaining the Long-term Focus

AFD Group: 2020 Results: A rapid response to the health crisis
Despite an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, AFD Group’s commitments over the past year haven’t faltered. CEO Rémy Rioux presented the Group’s results for 2020 on Tuesday, April 13. Even amidst the devastating Covid-19 health crisis, commitments last year surpassed €12 billion. And the Group has fast-tracked procedures to meet the urgent health and social needs of its clients, increasing disbursements by more than 35% compared to 2019, and reaching a record of nearly €9 billion. 
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Shared Innovation

7 Innovative Projects using Data to Combat Covid-19

AFD's “Shared Innovation” series highlights innovative programs created or developed in our partner countries.

AFD, Expertise France and The GovLab have launched call for projects that will use data to combat Covid-19. The goal is to unlock the potential of under-exploited data, as part of the #Data4COVID19 challenge – with a focus on Africa. This call for innovative, data-based proposals aims to address the economic, social and health challenges caused by Covid-19 across the continent. Some 80 project proposals were submitted. Here are the seven winners.
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On the Ground

Northern Congo: Protecting Forests with the Help of Local Residents

North Congo forest protection and biodiversity
AFD is joining a whole new venture aimed at reconciling biodiversity conservation and local socioeconomic development in the Northern Congo forest basin. Through dialogue and partnerships, local people and village communities are going to be increasingly involved in forest management, through the Northern Congo Forest Landscape Project.
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