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NENGO: Helping in the Healing of Sexual Violence Victims in the Central African Republic

With sexual violence rife in the Central African Republic, the Nengo project was set up in 2020 to help women overcome physical, psychological and social trauma. Since then, what progress has been achieved? In the approach to International Women's Day on March 8, we look at the collective effort to tackle a nationwide scourge.
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“Water is Central to Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”

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The United Nations Water Conference, being held in New York from March 22 to 24, seeks to reinforce efforts to ensure universal access to safe water and sanitation by 2030. Water is important not only for the obvious health benefits; they are linked to several other Sustainable Development Goals. AFD’s head of AFD's Water and Sanitation Division, Lionel Goujon, outlines the main related development issues.
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Water and Sanitation: Our Commitments in 2022, for a Continuing Impact in 2023

Infographics Water and Sanitation - Our commitments in 2022
Despite ongoing pressure from a lingering pandemic, military conflict and economic crises, AFD is delivering on its commitment to providing clean water and sanitation. In 2022 alone, it mobilized €1.2 billion - a substantial amount worth noting on the eve of the UN Water Conference beginning on Wednesday, which is being hailed as a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to accelerate progress towards universal access to safe water and sanitation by 2030.

AFD's commitments go beyond water to the many development issues to which it is connected, from agriculture, to addressing poverty and hunger. Our work on water also contributes to the fulfillment of several Sustainable Development Goals, including the climate, biodiversity and gender. Find out more in this infographic.
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Moldova: A Year of Action towards a Social and Economic Transition

AFD Group has accelerated its activity in Moldova to address the numerous crises affecting the country, notably the outbreak of war in neighboring Ukraine. But the long-term objective remains the same: to assist the country in its efforts to build a fairer and more sustainable economy and to align itself with the European Union.
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JEFIC: A Boosted European Development Partnership Explained in Five Key Numbers

The first quarter has been an active one for the Joint European Financiers for International Cooperation. JEFIC welcomed a fifth member in March and signed a new and ambitious co-financing accord. Under the deal, an innovative new mechanism allows for closer development cooperation and increased efficiency. But what is JEFIC? Find out in five key numbers.
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