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On the Ground

Saving the Siamese Crocodile from Extinction

crocodile siam protection Laos
Until a few decades ago, the Siamese crocodile was a common sight in Southeast Asia. Today, fewer than 1,000 remain in the wild, and they are at risk of extinction. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is conducting an innovative conservation project to protect the species, which is funded in part by AFD and the European Union. Listed as Critically Endangered, the fate of the relatively small species of crocodile - measuring up to just three and a half meters long - lies in the balance, and the objective of this project is to rescue it.
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Clear Skies for Serbia’s Climate Commitments

AFD is working hand-in-hand with the World Bank to support Serbia’s climate roadmap. Working on the design of a financial and technical support program to help Serbia implement its climate commitments, an AFD delegation was in Belgrade at the end of January. This was the first technical mission by experts from AFD headquarters to visit Serbia since the start of the Covid-19 crisis. The visit followed the opening of the Belgrade AFD office, which covers all the Western Balkans.
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In India, AFD signs three new agreements during Minister Barbara Pompili’s visit

En Inde, l'AFD signe trois accords lors de la visite de la ministre Barbara Pompili
Accessible public transport, a floating solar power system, and sustainable forest management: such is the wide range of development priorities tackled by France and India this month. In line with AFD’s commitment to promoting sustainable low-carbon development in India, AFD New Delhi signed three project agreements with its Indian counterparts during the visit of the Minister for Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili.
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