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On the Ground

50 Years in Djibouti, and Seeing Results from Fight against HIV

To mark the 50 years that AFD has been active in the East African country of Djibouti, an exhibition featuring people involved in or benefiting from the decades of AFD activity has been unveiled. Among the personal testimonies revealed is that of Dr. Emma Acina, an emblematic figure who has been working since the 1980s with people living with HIV.
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On the Ground

Controlling Epidemics in the Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific Regions

epidemiologist Madagascar
In recent years, the Indian Ocean region has endured epidemics of human and animal diseases, from cholera and the chikungunya virus, to foot-and-mouth disease and rabies. The Sega-One Health network helps to mitigate and control such outbreaks through epidemiological surveillance and alert management. For the next stage in 2024, AFD is providing the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) with funding to extend health security measures across the Pacific region and Southeast Asia.
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AFD News

AFD in Action: Backing 19 New NGO Projects

petites filles dans rue haiti
AFD recently signed off on a major budget providing funding for 19 new projects this year, steered by NGOs and Civil Society Organizations. The grant money will allow organizations around the world to launch projects that create jobs and make a real difference to people’s lives, from microfinance, to ecotourism.
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Using Sun and Water to Electrify Tanzania

Since 2015, AFD and the European Union EU have been contributing to the decarbonization of Tanzania, which is still largely dependent on fossil resources. But it has considerable potential in terms of renewable energies. Earlier this year, the country reached an important milestone, having laid the corner stone for the Shinyanga solar power plant at a ceremony that could usher in a new era of energy.
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In brief

Announcing the Finalists for Creative Entrepreneurship Program in Africa

En formation
Launched in 2019, Afrique Créative is an incubation program to support cultural and creative entrepreneurship in Africa. Covering everything from fashion and the visual arts to the media, the program is open to entrepreneurs across a range of creative sectors and aims to help them drive change in their respective fields. The finalists for the latest program have just been announced.
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