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E government in Vietnam
E-government has been a priority of the Vietnamese government since the early 2000s. However, since 2015, the government has increased its efforts to modernize and digitize its administration. AFD, alongside Expertise France in Vietnam, supports the Vietnamese government in this ambitious transition.

The development of an efficient administration, based on dematerialized processes and services backed by a digital government centred on the needs of the users (individuals and businesses), has become a major challenge for Vietnam and its 96 million inhabitants. Vietnam and France having built a strong long-term partnership and mutual trust relationship, on topics such as the modernization of the State, the Vietnamese government has wished to benefit from the French experience to lead this strategic reform.


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the consolidation and implementation of the e-government reform. This reform aims at facilitating the transition towards a digital administration, and at allowing the deployment of public services user-centred at the national level. By simplifying the administrative procedures and putting them online through a National Public Services Portal, the project aims in particular to both increase the accessibility of these procedures and to improve the processes within the administration.
This cooperation program relies in particular on the sharing of France’s experience and lessons learnt, with a focus on the French public service portal and the authentication solution FranceConnect. A team of French experts, directly involved in the reform of the digital administration in France, are mobilized to work closely together with their Vietnamese counterparts.


The main goal of promoting a digital administration is to bolster citizens' access to public services, to further improve the way public administration works, to reinforce public integrity and to support the fight against corruption. In addition, the use of digital tools also contributes to greater transparency and accountability of the administration through direct public access to information and the implementation of user feedback for continuous improvement of online services. Thus, the Vietnamese National Public Services Portal was launched on December 9, 2019, and already displays nearly 300 online services and more than 6 million files processed online in 2020. The project keeps on supporting the deployment across the country and improvement of the Portal, whose attendance doubles every month since its official launch.

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