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Launched in 2021 by Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the Metis fund promotes better integration of the arts and culture into official development assistance. This financial mechanism allows artists, primarily from countries in which AFD operates, to invest in development projects supported by the Agency. It is aimed at artists who want to support these projects, who recognize their technical dimension and who, in addition, offer to give them an emotional dimension essential to their effectiveness.

Via Metis, local artists create a dialogue between arts and development: their artistic expressions are nourished by the realities of the territories they approach, their inhabitants and their challenges. Through their interventions, they testify, question, give meaning, promote exchanges and help build new common horizons.

Find out more about  Metis Funds (in french): https://www.afd.fr/fr/ressources/fonds-metis-lier-arts-et-developpement

Crédits :

Artistes Metis 2021

Burkina Faso : Irène Tassembédo, Le Grin des Arts Vivants
Nigeria : Chidima Urunwa et Uche Uguru
Maroc : Laïd Liazid Maurice : Kan Chan Kin
Indonésie : Fikri Izzaldin, Maulana Saputra et Audrey Ardissa
Inde : Manveer Singh aka Plasticvalla
Mexique : Priscila Martínez
Pérou : Jessica Moulinet et Philippe Manguin; Christian Bendayán et Rember Yahuarcani
Haiti : Gaëlle Bien-Aimé
Arc caribéen : Jessica Oublié

Images :
Burkina Faso : Axelle de Russé (photo) et Tibiry Koura (vidéo)
Haïti : Reginald Louissaint Junior / Kolektif 2D
Indonésie : Matahati productions
Pérou : Antonio de Loayza et Philippe Manguin
Nigeria : Girls Voices Initiatives
Inde : Utsha foundation
Maurice : Ajay Boodhoo
Maroc : Laïd Liazid
Mexique : Manfred Mainers et Oscar Martínez

Projet Metis
Responsable : Tiphaine de Mombynes – AFD
Coordination : Anne Degroux et Axelle de Russé Teaser

Montage :
Andres Peyrot
Mixage sonore : Arnaud Pluvinage
Animation Titres : Mathieu Gastaldi
Colorimétrie : Adrien Assous & Andres Peyrot 


collection :
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