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Evaluation Summary - Mid-term evaluation of the project “Training and Employability for Vulnerable Populations Impacted by the Syrian Crisis in Lebanon”

In Lebanon, for the education and vocational training sector, the project "Training and employability of vulnerable populations impacted by the Syrian crisis in Lebanon" was subject to a mid-term evaluation in 2019. This project had a double objective: i. to improve the socio-professional integration of young Lebanese in long and diploma technical training courses and ii. to provide professional skills to vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian refugees through short qualification training courses, targeted on trades offering opportunities on the labour market.
The mid-term evaluation of the project highlights the relevance and effectiveness of the intervention. The implementation of the project has indeed started on a good footing and should enable the objectives to be reached in the long term. However, the NGO IECD, which is in charge of the project, is encouraged to prepare a transition plan before the end of the project.

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